Maintaining the Standards

Maintaining the Standards
People hate the thought of standards to live by in life, it’s that gee I wanna be free, free to do what I want attitude. The problem with such carefree lives, is that, not everyone is the same. So, in life, we have standards in the way that we live our lives. In today’s world, we have a ridiculous amount of laws, because we live our lives with a limited few standards. Still with part of the non thinking public, none of the above relates in any way; to the anti establishment carefree mantras of hippiedom.
Standards aren’t a threat to anyone’s life, they actually enhance life; but if you leave the standards that we all live by up to governmental agencies, wayward thinking groups of people, cults and fadish people; then we get the standard-less society we have today. We also get so many legal restraints that are so confusing that the Legal Eagles can’t even fly with them.
If a person is a good humanitarian, then they want people to be healthy and free, in that light, health and freedom are not the same as the health and freedoms that political parties talk about; if the standards of life are met that is. Politically as well as in business, the recklessness of society is a cash cow. It’s the Ten Commandments part of life, believer or not, people tout that everyone should live by the Ten Commandments; but people don’t live by them, and now they are paying profusely by not doing so.
Now the Ten Commandments are standards to live by, but watch the news, with logic in mind look at television shows, listen to the radio, take a walk on the Net-side of life; there is little there that indicates the Ten Commandments are even in the thought process when it comes down to societal actions. That’s ten standards to live by, ten standards; and while society preaches a good game it has a hard time playing a good game when it comes to living by ten only standards. I think if society is going to preach the Ten Commandments as a code of living and then not living by them, as non believers, then they should take the time to at least read the whole Bible at least once.
Here’s a thought, really it’s a quote: “If we almost keep the commandments, we almost receive the blessings.” -Bruce Clark Hafen, 1940 Now that’s a thought, why tout them, then ignore them, then whine because you don’t get the benefits? My first thought is: Crybabies!
There’s people on the news all the time that sound so depressed when societal actions hit home, the school shootings, threats of bombings, rapes and muggings, and more; what did they or anyone expect when they allow societal beliefs, values and actions to decay the sanctity of societal life. Grow a pair, there is nothing bad about seeking better in life, and then defending the betterment for everyone; defending the betterment of life doesn’t prove you the prude, it proves you the mature adult.
This poor me attitude bites, it’s so; childish. So do me, and the good of society a favor, if you want to celebrate Keeping Things Weird, allowing any part of the drug world, any of the dysfunctional parts of society to infiltrate the world of the common citizen without speaking out; then stop your whining, your depression, and do not tout the Ten Commandments unless you truly believe in them.
Standards in life matter, they are what keeps the balance in life; standards are what keeps the balance in society.

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