Knowledge is Courage

Knowledge is Courage
According to Bruno Vailati, an expert on wild animals, taking films while studying everything from sharks to bears in their natural habitat. He believes that knowledge is courage, I would find him to be correct. So equally so, I would believe that ignorance feeds fear.
Ignorance not being the same thing as stupidity, ignorance being a lack of knowledge, it’s not hard to understand why children get scared at night when mom or dad turn off the bedroom light when they say goodnight. But see, even for a child, that’s the beauty of knowledge, the more we learn and do that’s worthwhile, the less fear we have of doing things. On a plus side, those things we do in life created a knowledge bank, and that knowledge is transferable from one project to a different project, thus eliminating the fear a person might have when doing something new.
Commercials, if people took them seriously, one might think people are inept, clumsy, or maybe if they use this or that flimsy exercise gizmo that they too will have a six pack in three months; but, that’s what the companies look for, gullibility in people with more money than sense. But with knowledge, those companies lose money, it’s not that they don’t want you to have knowledge; courage is out of the question also, they just want people free from thought and easy with their money. But honestly, if people thought about it, companies like the above are a slap in the face of every thinking person in society, if nothing else; they are an insult to the thinking person watching the commercial.
Accepting a challenge, a worthwhile challenge. Challenges are good, not so much like climbing Everest or diving into a pool filled poisonous water snakes, rather small things to the world; but more personal challenges are in away healthy. Gaining knowledge about something, doing something that you’ve never done before. I would suggest that the challenge would be to turn off society for a thirty day period, and take that time to understand life better, like what’s at stake in your life, illnesses, governmental intrusions, scammers, everything. Take the time to really understand what complacency and lacking understanding means to you the person. Think of the time spent as investing your knowledge bank.
I have never really dwelled on my own death, but I have tried to understand what it might be like, what death means to my life, in doing so; I got to know life better. The value of freedom, the value of hard work and creativity; and dedication to life beyond popularity, or my own comfort in life. I tire easily of people that whine about what they see of society, or how they feel when they get ripped off somehow, they make me ask, or wish I could ask them: Just what they thought was going to happen when they promote, condone and comply with the insanity that has ate up society like a cancer? It’s like everyone knows life and death are one in the same, but they’re so shocked when death comes knocking because of the life they have lived. That’s really not living, that’s just staying ignorant.
So, is knowledge courage, well, in today’s world, probably not thought of as such; but it is. Mainly because it takes a good deal of courage to live with respect and dignity, to travel your own respectful path in life than to follow the masses; it takes more courage than escaping through whatever means just to fit in so that you can be accepted. Acceptance just simply isn’t everything, it’s just a means to an end; but knowledge, now that can open doors.

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