“It Is What It Is!”?

“It is what it is!”?

A friend and I were talking about that phrase that society adopted like the golden child of some faceless phrase creator, it’s a dumb phase.
Like, someone is beating you up, in between the pain, the thumps and bumps, the yells for help, you look up and say; “it is what it is!”
Or, “It’s all relative!” But to what, someone has just stolen your car, used it in a bank robbery, drove it two states away, pushed your car over a cliff, minus your new sound system, then stole a new car to drive to some other state. So what would that all be relative to in relation to your life; except that now you’re now a victim.
Phrases, they come and go, like a slow moving wind, sticking around long enough to annoy people, give non thinking people something cool to say. Those phrases aren’t kool, they’re annoying; it’s not so much speak English, it’s mean English.
I was leaving, going home, they were hitting the road, so I told them to be safe. My friend said for me to stay happy, I guess because I was being supportive as they have to be out of their house by the 1st of the month, letting her know that we will work it all out.
But we came up with a new phrase, quite by accident, Stay Happy, But Keep Your Gun Loaded! We had a chuckle, it’s not what is, and it’s not relative to any person or group.
Just something that two people came up with, but remember you heard it here first.
But there are those age old phases that do mean something, “That guy don’t know if he’s A-Foot or horseback!” Said when someone is thought to be as dumb as a fence post. Or, “That person can’t see the forest through the trees!” Said of someone that looks at a group of something like a bowl of fruit but only sees the fruit.
Some of those catch phrases are stupid, popular, but stupid. Some, they draw attention to a person or a portion of society.

People wanting to get a lawsuit going on a gun manufacturer for a shooting, that is not the smartest thing in thought of a mass shooting that took place. But “it is what it is,” a socialist thinking society, progressive in its thoughtless blame, it’s really kind of sad when you think about it. “It is what it is” makes people accept the insanity, if the thought of reality ever got mixed into the words “it is what it is;” then society might understand the gun isn’t a part of the single or mass shootings. The gun is only being used as a tool by someone that “doesn’t have their head screwed on tight.” Face it, mass killers are like small time killers, their insane; but we have a society that loves to coddle the ilk, because they can fix it with a drug.
Society’s acceptance of ilk is the problem, allowing drug and alcohol abuse issues to get way out of hand. To allow people to stay ignorant of the reality of the actions of people while blaming anything that is physically inanimate. And bringing up generation after generation to be thoughtless activists, progressive thinking, dupe feeding followers that will accept everything and anything; that is where the blame should fall, not a gun manufacturer. Or the gun!
“Snap,” or that should be, at any given moment, we have people in society that are ready to snap. Look at the woman that just drove through that Vegas crowd, she snapped with her child in the car. So ban any and all motorized vehicles, it’s quite dubious, but maybe then society would accept the responsibility of what they have become in their complacent following of the words “it is what it is.” Long walks to town and back can sure offer up quality time to think.
But while we are in the ban stage of thought, let’s ban mass transit systems, bicycles, horses and the carts and wagons that they pull, and fire and rescue vehicles; and any kind of law enforcement vehicles. One thing to think about, is all those tractor trailer rigs that haul food and dry goods to your local stores; ban them too.
And if we are successful in all that banning, those jets that are spewing toxicity through the air, they will be grounded, those death filled chemtrails that no one gives a rat’s ass about would be gone, and glass manufacturing would be back in business.
Guaranteed that no one will want to ban the gun then, they won’t want to ban Faith in God, or the Bible; because they will have plenty of time to think of what insanity they have allowed to takeover their lives. And, what they will have to do when that insanity comes knocking; on their front door.
So follow the insane preachers of false reality, all their stupid catch phrases, all the politicians that believe in barking into the microphone (so undignified, certainly not lady like), all their deceiving actions of peace love and happiness, sooner or later, unless they die before of natural causes; sooner or later everyone will understand the good they have lost in their complacency. Hopefully, people will respect the good that they were lucky enough to have retained in their lives; but then, society “is what it is!”

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