Historically, I don’t understand how the further east a person goes on this American expanse, why don’t people understand the dwindling or decaying history of this country; the eastern half of the country is riddled with history. From building’s, parks, statues, the historic value’s and lessons in the east are everywhere; tour’s are offered to visiters there, so I know in those areas history didn’t get washed away in some storm.
I know but I don’t know, like a person walking into a door, don’t they know what a door is.
Well, it’s all based on the human element, society. It’s like society is on one big day trip to see the sights, walk the paths, then head home for the night; forgetting what they just walked through. But the historic walk ends up like a drive downtown, past the homeless camps, then back home where it all gets forgotten; there’s no problem in America.
It’s not all that hard to understand that society doesn’t really care anymore, they can see the atrocious to the sublime and just cruz on, get home and turn on the news, and say what’s for dinner; like nothing happened in the day, they are home.
But what about the politicians, man-o-man, they’re bathing in American history. They head over to the White House for a meeting with this or that dignitary; the politicians wallow in America’s history. How do they do what they do without feeling guilty, taking away freedoms, robbing the coffers, selling out the country for global warming falsehoods and power; that’s it, it’s the face of the professional politician, the elite, the “Civil” “Servant”.
The Civil and Revolutionary War graveyards and battle zones, what happens when our “civil servants” go to those sorts of places, what do they feel, see, most importantly; what do they understand about where they are at that given moment. The thinking mind says, if they can’t feel anything in the White House, then how are they going to feel anything in a sacred graveyard. They feel nothing, the same way the bulk of society feels nothing; they got theirs, so they don’t care. In this “Keep it Wierd” society the politicians keep their jobs because, the socialist government and society keep feeding on each other.
The new age America, it a glutinous pit of B.S. that feeds off its own. If anyone is tired of the way America is heading, well, welcome to the new age minority, or minorities; because Truth in Society and Government, and Normalcy, they are the minorities now. Black, Red, Brown, Yellow, and White; only a fool would think color of skin matters. Those thoughts are for the most part archaic, race is not that relevant, what is relevant with ethnic skin color; is that they are being used as socialist tools for a socialist government, that wants to turn America into a socialist country.
Didn’t think I’d make it through that sentence, hope it’s understandable, but if your tired of the trash of society or the government; then welcome to the minority. And Ms Clinton, you are not for the future of the young, nor was your husband, and your not for women; before messing up this country any further, try humbly addressing both yours and your husband’s own atrocities to the women you both deny exist in your climb to elitedom. Then start telling the truth about the Clintons constantly manipulated history of abuses, people do know about the kids on the train tracks; shame, means nothing to you does it.
Shades of John Trudell, “welcome to the Rez.” I like that guy, but Good God above, God gave us a heart and brain, we are supposed to be learning from History, we aren’t supposed to be repeating History; but in this godless society, the non believers will tell ya: If everyone just lived by the Ten Commandments. Who are the non believers trying to kid, verbiage won’t ever cover up actions, gotta give the little devils credit, they keep trying to find better faces to change their socialist agendas face with. But don’t go biblical if all you want is more more more, while Stealing more more more from the True Normal American; that’s a part of history I don’t really want to see repeated, too often I feel too old for the fight.
But that is one reason why Mr Trump is ahead, people are tired, they don’t like the new or old face of socialism, they don’t like the faceless takeover of America, they don’t like their freedoms being taken away one after the other by spineless people that won’t show their true faces; even while they’re glad-handing the masses for the vote. The new age minority is tired and they want their country back, their saying so more now than ever, don’t really care about money grubbing politicians, but the masses had better wake up, because the True American Minority is finding their backbone; and their voices are getting louder: Give our country back, peacefully, then move to an island somewhere in the middle of nowhere.
History, if a person can’t see Life and Death, then they will Never See the True Meaning of Life. It’s an honest and factual thought, we have graveyards around the country that will tell the True story of those that died protecting and defending the True Spirit of this country. The people that wanted to protect what this country gave to them decades or maybe centuries before they passed on; they wanted to desperately protect the goodness of this country for all of us. We just can’t let them down anymore, it would be sacrilege to do so.
In reality, the socialist establishment or the socialist status quo, they can all go suck eggs and see if they can pass custard, this country is worth more than a faulty mindset. It’s the best country on earth, it got that way because of the good people in America’s vibrant history; don’t let mediocre following minds steal away such a beautiful gift that we all share. But remember, sharing is nowhere near destroying, not in thought; or action.

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