The words of political disarray, the words slip past thought for some.
Conflate, the word was used recently by the president, if some digging through back topics; the word Conflate appears often. But how many people look up those words for better understanding of what a political person says; then attach the word back into the context of the political speech that they had just heard.
The president, talking about Islam and how it’s tied to our history, but all the American citizens can do is Conflate numerous issues to denigrate or distort people’s view of Islamic people into something bad.
Conflate: combining two or more ideas etc. into one. That being the gist of the words meaning, after the attacks on 9/11, San Bernardino, what has been done; we have seen legislators try to restrict the true freedoms of the American citizens, through gun control. They say we need that to protect the American citizens, but the distraction of the gun control topic serves only one real purpose; and that is, to cover up the Conflating other laws that slip past the public’s eye.
Well president, and other politicians, why don’t you stop Conflating, and start talking straight; afraid you might lose some votes because if you did people would know you’re not who you say you are.
Just a thought is all…..

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