What Will You Say?

What Will You Say?
Some might say get ready for the chaos if Mr Trump wins, well, today the chaos was so out of hand that they shut his event down. They said it was Democrats, or at least they thought it was democratic demonstrators. Don’t know, and don’t really care. The fact is is the chaos has started, and there will not be any way to avoid the chaos.
But, when our current administration and president got the wind in their sails, there was no chaos, but chaos followed; it just wasn’t shown to the public in the same light. Look at bigotry, bigotry escalated. Executive orders, more were signed with this president than any other, no one even questioned his actions. How about the funerals our president never showed up at, not even for Nancy Reagan’s funeral, today; that’s appalling for such a “dignitary” to not even care. But the people that voted for him twice, not once but twice, they don’t see a problem with any one of his actions. If they do, it’s like they wouldn’t say shit if they had a mouthful. Where was he the last couples of days, down at some Southwest gathering cracking jokes, this country had better get a renewed understanding of respect and dignity.
Am I disgusted, yes, this is America and it’s citizens are not trying to protect the sanctity of America, rather, too many citizens are willing to ignore the problems while the foundation crumbles, then they say: If Trump wins, they will move to another country!!! Well, goodbye, and take that comedian talk show host with ya, if she hasn’t moved already.
About seven years ago, I said, we’d better impeach that man now, people said it’s only four years, then he got in again. Not even the liberal / progressive / socialist / democrat can honestly tell anyone what has been done behind closed doors in the name of transparency; but they will revolt at a Trump event. And, they will accept what our current president does, no questions asked; till they see his reality change their lives in a way they weren’t expecting; and don’t really like. Crow never will make a good dinner, all the way down, pure irritation to the end.
In the past forty years I have heard over and over that there wasn’t a Holocaust, that Christ was Gay, there never was a Crucifixion, and that there is no God because it was the Big Bang and Evolution and we are the aftermath. If that’s all the youth knows today, why are they so far in debt for their schooling. Think about it, if schools were to really teach history like their supposed to, we wouldn’t need Black History Month, now Native Americans, they should have a month about their plight; guess it’s just too hard to say This is Native American History Month, and truly the Native Americans are the people’s that deserve a month devoted to them.
It’s shameful how the citizens of this country act at times, young people, your coffers have been robbed, but your too busy following the crowd, occupying, and protesting to know and care about your own futures. Older people, even if you can’t get around like your sixteen, you got your voice still; stop complaining and speak up. Every one in between, what are you working for, if your so willing to give it all away because you’re more willing to make more of an impression on God knows who, than to salvage what’s left of this country; and then protect it. What is everyone thinking these day’s, that terrorism and the Girl Scouts are one in the same; is that how dumbed down society has become. It’s pitiful!
So now the Silent Majority is waking up, and they like a candidate that speaks more for Americans than the elite or an overly indulgent portion of society; and the following complacent part of society say he is bad. Well, what’s that make George Washington, what’s that make Christ, does it make them Rebels in some far distant past rebellion that’s no longer relevant like the Constitution is no longer relevant; not on a bet, because they did what the did for everyone. And that everyone included the ones that didn’t give a damn; they didn’t follow, they led. As far as the Tail Spinning part of society, the Protesters that love the fight and the party after, the Progressive government, the Thoughtless Following dupes; know that when the Constitution and Your Rights goes down in flames because you want to be like Them, know that there will be no peace or freedom.
Good God people, open a history book, read the Bible wether you believe or not, try to see where this country and the world is headed, give some time to the seeking for the answers, today’s insanity exist because We Are All Guilty For Allowing The Insanity To Exist And Foster; figure it out. It’s not rocket science, it’s as simple as a devotion of a little bit of your time, stop following the dysfunctional Mainstream, turn off the sports channel, and learn.
Do it with respect, honour, dignity, and with honesty Mr Trump, do not let this country down, we don’t need another eight years of a lacking alternative; we just don’t. And I for one, just don’t want or need to see chaos on the streets, I had enough of that in the sixties. The cause was right then, but the fad following manners couldn’t pass muster; even though those manners shaped the society we have today. If anyone can’t see what that generation has done to this society, to the youth of today, where the drug culture has not only grown profusely but has become ferociously deadly, less and less freedom, more laws and policing than freedom; then maybe another country would be better for those that refuse to see and understand what America has become due to their lazy thought of what’s right.
It’s long past time to wake up America, these days, there’s just far too much at stake; unless it’s not important to anyone that a wayward grouping of political entities are more than willing to piss away your future.

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