Just When You Think it’s Safe to Hate the World

Just When You Think It’s Safe To Hate The World

It’s really not all that hard to wake up hating this world today, the political aspect and correctness, the lacking ethics and respect society lives by; it’s just not that hard to do.
But there is a good deal of good in this country, hard to see at times; but it’s there.
I would love to see more of what follows here, I don’t think I’m alone in that wish for better. But we have a lot of cleaning up to do, a lot of learning and understanding to get done, a lot of teaching to do for the young and the old; and a good deal of inspiration of better qualities to nurture.

A very ill little girl who is expected to not see adulthood let alone a high school dance, her brother takes her to a school dance. The brother said that his sister might not have the chance to see a school dance, so even though he could have asked some girl from his school, he chose instead to take his younger sister. The little girl and her brother, while sitting next to each other while mom and dad proudly took their pictures, the little girl in her new dress with her corsage and finery, her brother in his suit, they were both shined up like two new diamond’s. All because of a love between a brother and sister; but ya just have to hand it to that young gentleman for his gift given, it’s simply beautiful. The little Princess at the dance, she holds such dignity in her young life for the battle she faces; and now, she has a beautiful memory of a dance, a gift from a dedicated brother.
It’s always the gift of the heart, never the package, never the value; some of the smallest gifts, that may not cost anything more than a little time spent listening, helping, those can be the most treasured gifts for someone.

A little girls horse gets our for a freedom run, fastened to its bridle is a Unicorn horn, the horse is white no less. It takes police three hours to catch the horse, it’s now relegated to it’s stable; horn, hay and all.
Well, if the citizens tax money is going to get wasted, this would be a good way. Sure it was three hours, man power, and maybe a volunteer wrangler with a horse trailer, but it was cuter than the dickens. Animals get out, sneaky critters, only takes a second. For the police officers though, given society these days; it must have been comforting for the police dispatcher to say that there is a Unicorn on the loose. For the policemen themselves, what a change to get a call, and not have to face a deranged person bent on mass murder, or any of the other more ilk filled parts of society; they got to play cowboy or cowgirl for three hours, for them that had to feel good.

A lady that waves at a school bus everyday, rain or shine, she gets a birthday present. The eighty some odd year old Lady isn’t seeing her granddaughter off to school like she used too, but she still gets out and waves; the children on the bus all call her Grandma. It was her birthday, so the bus stops, the lady was brought to tears, the children sang Happy Birthday to her, gave her hugs and a card. When asked how long she will stand there and wave at that hour of every school day, she said, till I can no longer do so.
Acknowledgement in life, whatever your doing, if you are making people happy and content in this life, then that acknowledgement can help move mountains. For the children on that school bus, they get so much out of making an elderly lady happy for the life she is living, that’s really a good lesson for any child to learn, hopefully they will carry that lesson throughout their lives; no matter where they go in life, or how old they get. While some people in society may not get the concept of acknowledging the good in life, and some people in society may not even deserve the good in life; but in society, as a whole, there are so many that do, yet they doing well without the acknowledgement. All because of who they are in life, good people.

All of today’s threats to life, from nuclear weapons, manipulation of the world’s weather for political control or gain, to just the gum wrappers and litter on the street, and mosquitos; it’s just nice to know that there’s some good stuff that happens during the day. It just kinda kinda gives a person hope, know what I mean.

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