The Broken Heart Don’t Show Scars

The Broken Heart Don’t Show Scars

The heart is one of the strongest muscles in the body, you might say the heart will be there till the end, but a baby’s last breath can break it in two; as easy as stepping on on egg. Oh yeah, but the scars don’t show.
Got a nasty old scar that runs the length of my shin, covers the side of my knee. Got one on my back, the doctor left it there when he fixed my back up after I broke it. Couple others I got when the doctors put my guts back behind my muscles, where they belonged; hard work is good for the soul, but hard on the body.
The scars are visible, a mile away, up close they’re a neon sign, but the scars of a broken heart; those scars are all dressed up in a long black vale to be taken to the grave. All invisible to the naked eye, the least talked about, and the hardest to remove.
In the minds of humanity, we don’t place much concern on those scars, not like we should, the scars on the heart; all people give is encouragement to move on, go out on a date.
But the scars were put there by another human, by human interaction, by another humans passing, neglect, or selfishness. The scars are deep, how do ya simply move on from those things, if the moving on comes in haste, then there are more scars added. And if you take the time to understand, taking advantage of the silence around you, your inner world; people will think you’re odd, because humanity has become an attention grabbing society, not so much a thinking society.
Life taken seriously is akin to loving deeply, honestly, while such takes on life may not be acceptable, they are healing, healthier in the manners of living. Life taken serious allows thought before action takes control of the outcome. Ah but to love deeply, there is no security, the safeguard is to love deeply and seriously. Sure, there may be scars, but less the chances of scars, taking life and love serious culls out the mediocrity of today’s meaning of love, and the people that hold the integrity of life and love at a shallow distance.
It’s been said, that goosebumps can not be where hair dose not grow, reminds a person of the heart and soul. Without a follicle, hair won’t grow, without heart we cannot feel honest love, we cannot honesty taste life; in scattered airy thought we accept more than we feel in the depth of love, scars are made.
No one controls earthly life and death, life and death can be postponed, altered; but both can never be avoided. Learning how to avoid the reality of life and death is futile, but learning how to respect life allows you to live. Doing so takes commitment, thought, investment.
When commitment, thought, and investment fail in a relationship; scars are being formed on the heart. Shallow words and lifestyles, they threaten commitment, thought, and investment in life and love; shallow words and lifestyles are like an accelerator in the forming of scars on the heart. Shallow words and lifestyles, they are the detractors of life, they are the detractors of quality in everyone’s life.
Scars don’t just form on the heart, people, both men and women put those scars on the loving caring hearts of others. They invest on the one-way love street to fend off loneliness, they commit too much to the long haul when the other person commits to the short-term love. Scars get formed on the heart, they never go away. In age, think of your first love, no matter, twenty to eighty years ago, while you may not spend your day thinking of your first love that dwindled to dust years ago; there is still a scar formed in that puppy love. In the adult world, there is no room for puppy love, the years go by like the drop of a dime, it’s what we fill our days and life with that counts.

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” -Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, 1869-1948

For the lesser amount of scars on the caring and loving heart, be strong in your life, the way that you live, your beliefs, in doing so; you’re less likely to suffer heartbreak at the hands of societal manners. Be forgiving, don’t be afraid to forgive, be afraid of the lack of forgiveness; forgiveness is a virtue of love. But the acceptance of ilk is not one of loves virtues, plainly; forgiveness heals the wounds of the victims heart, there truly is little solace for the perpetrator that takes love lightly. In their silent hours, the perpetrator will suffer in their thoughts, age creeps slowly, degrading beauty and brawn; it is then that they will understand the scars, on the broken heart. For when they break your loving and caring heart, they ultimately break their own.

“It is commonly said that revenge is sweet, but to a calm and considerate mind, patience and forgiveness are sweeter.” – Isaac Barrow English Christian theologian and mathematician

This life we are living is not about life or death, it’s everything in between; that makes life and death the beautiful things that they are. It’s Faith in God, it’s Faith in love, it’s Faith in compassion, it’s Faith in nurturing, it’s Faith in commitment, it’s Faith in investment, it’s Faith in forgiveness; those aspects of life make us stronger, better. Discount them if you wish, take them for granted, ignore the ageing years in your reckless abandon, just know the last heart you will destroy, the scars you will see or leave behind; will be your own.

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