$47,920.00 Dollars to Get West Out of Debt?????

$47,920.00 Dollars to Get West Out of Debt?????

Just when I thought I had heard it all, a police department is offering West a job to help him get out of debt; please tell me it’s a joke.
The Kardashian mentality is a money making slap in the face for any Normal thinking, hard working citizen, West is a part of the Kardashian empire of fashionable insanity; and now this.
He dumped millions into his ego line of clothing, and lost, and now a police department offers up a job to West. If it’s true, not a joke, then the police department apparently has too much money in the donut fund.
Let’s see, what could $47,920.00 bongo-buck dollar bills buy per year?
A whole lot of electric bills paid for low-income families and the elderly.
Shoes and coats for school children.
How about paying off the school loan for a determined to do good college student.
And food shelters, that’s a bunch of Turkey sandwiches.
Hearing aids and glasses for students that need them to learn better.
Homeless Shelters, give someone a leg up, they could use it.
Help someone with their doctor bills.
Think of the cost of meds these days, someone that needs the meds, not to abuse; but to survive.
Repair a car for a family that needs the car to get to work to support the family.
The money could pay the rent for several families to get a family through rough times.
I’m tired of thinking, so you add to the list, you can do it; I have confidence.
But $47,920.00 annual dollars for the West Kardashian Empire of Egotistical Ridiculously Popular, for a lack of a better word, people. It’s hard for me to have compassion for West. As far as I am concerned, West can crawl under a rock somewhere in the Mojave desert, but then I’d feel bad for the desert inhabitants like the rattle snakes and coyote’s.
Make the connection between insanity and a helping hand, take your choice, West or the rest of the W-K-J Empire, if anyone thinks that they need money to cover any part of the empires family, then get some help understanding reality.
If it is a joke by some police department, then fine, we can have a laugh and move on. But if it’s not a joke, then think, the tax payers pay for every squad car, every weapon, every bullet proof vest, every flashing light, every ticket book, every stun gun, every baton; and now, they want to help out West at the tax payers expense.
Well, I’ve said it, I know I’m not alone, it’s insanity, but if it’s true; then wait till Officer West pulls someone over for a burned out headlight, and then treats them like they’re Charles Manson escaped and running from the law.
If it wasn’t such a sad thought, I’d be laughing, but Protect and Serve comes profoundly to mind; that makes the thought, very scary.

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