The Dinosaur in the Road

The Dinosaur in the Road

I didn’t catch where it was, but they said it is believed that a few drunk guys moved a probable fiberglass dinosaur into the middle of a road, as fiberglass dinosaur the size of a car would be easy for a few drunks to carry out to the road. What a shock for the late night drivers on the road, more than likely some hard to believe 911 calls went out also, the operators answering the phones probably thought: You shouldn’t be driving and calling the 911 Emergency line while your drunk, dinosaurs in the middle of the road; click.
Humor is a good thing to start the day with, but so is a good thought.
I go to a Starbucks in a store near home, there are two Starbucks almost next door to one another, one, a satellite outlet, it has a drive thru and walk-in that is always packed, the one in the store is always easy to get in and get out of. Driving past the one Starbucks on my way to the store Starbucks I saw a Hearse, a long black body wagon; out in front of Starbucks.
I told the lady that makes my coffee when I’m in there about what I saw out in front of the other Starbucks, and my thought about the fact that it seemed odd to see the Hearse where I saw it, not that it doesn’t make any sense that the driver might need some coffee; but it’s a Hearse. Thinking if the Hearse had a passenger in the back, the last ride for the departed, the final Cruz down the boulevard, it should be a last slow dance in the traffic on its way to the six foot under party zone; but with a driver all buzzed up on coffee, hmm; kinda takes the meaning out of somber. We had a laugh at the thought, bid each other our fond farewells (no pun intended, yeah right), and I was on my way.
But when I got home, the news was still on, talk about dinosaurs in the middle of the road and 911 calls. For more than half of my 63 years I have been seeing, reading and in one form or another; dealing with the trash druggies present society with. Folks, the atrocities of the drug world, not only is the trash stupid, but it’s getting flat-assed boring. And we have those people in society that believe legalizing marijuana would save the world, but, good luck. A home, the family survived, but the home was shot up; the newscaster said it was reported to have been a drug deal gone bad.
The dealer’s and the buyer’s just started shooting at each other, and everything else; a neighbor was appalled stating that the neighborhood was such a nice place to live. Strange that she can’t understand why the shooting took place, well here’s some word’s for her; throw away your Rose Colored Glasses lady. Nothing funny about that, there won’t be anything funny when people decide to legalize meth, heroin, and crack to save the world; yeah, we’ll just tax the heck out of the sale of the drugs.
The taxation governing the drugs has now caused more crime, like break-ins of the stores that sell the Wacky-Backy to the dumbed down buyers. Dumbed Down, I’m being rough aren’t I, well think again.
My neighbours new roommate, that got kicked out of the “Legal” medical marijuana growers house, the guy that gave the boot to the obese pothead took the guys motorcycle to my neighbors house parking it in the driveway. The new roommate saw the motorcycle and asked my neighbor when did he buy a motorcycle, even had a conversation about riding; not once knowing it was his own motorcycle that he was looking at. How the heck do these people find their way back to their stash; must be their priority system.
The drug culture is a dinosaur in the middle of the road, and everyone is paying for it now, could have told ya that would happen; come to think of it I did.
People are more and more complaining that their electric bills are going up. Well think about it, we have electric cars sucking up power so that they can “Go Green” and save the earth, sky and whatever; and now we have legalized marijuana growers sucking up even more electricity next door to schools and hospitals and in neighborhoods all across the nation.
The power company though, they say the jumps in the bills are needed, for . . . what, so that in some unrealistic reasoning I can pay even more money out from my meager income to help defer the cost of the misfits of society????????
Well, save the earth crowd, and marijuana growers, it’s simple, go buy a huge gas or diesel generator, park it in your front lawn and supply your own electricity, because I really don’t feel like paying for your misplaced ideals of living the good life while I try to heat my home on a budget. It seems they don’t get it, the electric companies are in business to serve the public power alright, but they are also in the business to make money; and like so many these days, they don’t care where the money comes from, nor do they care about the innocent end-users.
While we are talking about saving the earth from human footprints, or humans in general. It was announced today, that glass manufacturing company in Portland Oregon was in compliance with the Air Quality Department of Restrictions and Domineering Inspectors, not only were they in compliance; all permits and licensing needs are up to date.
The owner said that they have been in business for forty years, one employee of the company has lived in the area for thirty-five of the companies years in business with no issues whatsoever. And now there is a problem, nah, could it be, nah; the problem can’t be coming from those lines in the sky. The governor is now having the water and soil tested, further out from the glass company, gee, wonder what the report will say; I know someone that lives in a town some twenty miles out, wonder if the government will test out there as the person was diagnosed with high arsenic levels in their blood. Arsenic is slow in killing someone, but it gets the job done.
It’s loonyness at its finest, while some things do make a person laugh, wishing they had a hand in what made them laugh, like the dinosaur in the middle of the road; some of the other things we see, through no wish of our own on television or in life, they just aren’t that funny. But, they are understandable, in the act as well as in the outcome, we have the brains to think ahead, to see what at least a part of what our further holds for society; but at the same time, we do have people around us that will go around without a coat in a cold rain, then complain because they caught a bad cold.
Dinosaurs in the middle of road, humanity, go figure, sure do miss my grandparents at times; love to have their view of this beloved country they left behind. Well maybe not, they came from a less politically correct time, and the were more colorful speaking too.

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