Not Abandoned by Choice

Not Abandoned by Choice

I was thinking today of a traffic report I saw, there was a car sitting on the side of the highway, the traffic reporter called the car abandoned. Somehow though I thought, I’m sure it wasn’t abandoned by choice, because we never can choose where we break down; if we could choose, we would always be in our driveway when we did.
There were no signs of a driver in the car, the driver may have gotten out and walked to the nearest phone for help, who knows, but to abandon a car in that area just for fun makes no real sense at all; we just never have a choice where we break down.
All in the understanding of what we see, and the questions we ask, silently or as it says in the Bible with open mouth; it’s all in the understanding and the questions we ask.
But isn’t that like life today, no understanding, no questions asked, we just move along putting names on things. I have had my fill of societal ways for a long time, all the racial tensions and profiling, the rich vs poor, the self ordained politically correct police with their shallowness; I’ve had my fill of that stuff for years, and some of the B.S. hasn’t gotten any better.
But I do have to say, thank you to Stacey Dash, very smart lady, and yes she is right, “We are American, period!” I find it hard to understand how a wealthy actor from making movies, and at least one sitcom can say that bigotry is rampant in Hollywood; has he checked his bank account lately. Herman Cain, he’s not yelling bigotry, I have high admiration for him, he’s a real gentle man, smart, you can hear his maturity whenever he talks; but I have never heard him yell bigotry.
It’s not by Choice that we were born here on this continent, but just because I was, I don’t really want this country to abandon me or anyone else due to some lame-O stupid pigment reality of the skin; heck if we are all in the same melting pot, then guess what, when we get boiled down, we’re all the same. If that can’t be understood, then all Swedish / Cherokee Americans please stand up, it’s time we get ours.
But I have to think, all those marchers in the sixties, some of them like Martin Luther King and those that honestly supported him, they left their families to better America, they truly weren’t there for the party at the end of the day. So if what we are seeing today is an indicator of what society dose when it’s handed the societal ball after an assassination; then it’s clear to see that Martin Luther King and those that followed and supported him, should really have spent the time with their families while at the same time they would have stayed alive. Well, What did they die for? A backsliding public? Yeah, that’s worth dieing for.
Martin Luther King, he didn’t abandon America, he had no choice in the matter as he was assassinated; assassinate, just a cleaner word for murder. He also believed in humanity over race, believed in being nonviolent over violence, even while he may get angry. So if anything, looking at what’s going on today in this country, schools of higher education teaching a “Whiteish” class, whatever that is in the end is yet to be seen. The Black Lives Matter thing, and now the Hollywood stuff. It sure looks like people in both ethnicities have forgotten the history of their own lives.
It also looks like America has abandoned Martin Luther King and all that he stood for, making the parades and renaming of streets more of a gesture for gestures sake; something to keep our guilt at bay. But like today, with God and religion, all those that died violently back then, the future actions of society right to this day, through the forgetting of what’s good and right; they have made it all for nothing.
Not sure, but I think, so therefore I must believe; that the portrait of today is not what Martin Luther King and others like him wanted to see in this country some fifty years later.
Abandoned, it’s an encompassing word isn’t it….

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