If We Just Looked At Stupid

If We Just Looked at Stupid

This is not saying that society is stupid, because society really isn’t stupid; even though when looking at the whole picture of society, it’s hard to come away with the feeling that society is doing its best to stay away from stupid.
If every person in this country started looking at all the stupid stuff they see, made a sincere comment on what they see, then this country could change for the better. Making the comment would confirm the person’s feelings on a personal level, and, the comment, it would allow those around the person making the comment to understand that; there are people that believe in stepping above the stupid workings of society.
It’s bad enough that fads exist, fads aren’t only a cash cow for some faceless person, but the actions of the fad can be deadly, look at the relationship between the 1960’s “In Crowd” and today’s “Drug Culture” that’s ravishing this country, it’s out of hand. But that’s what some of the fads create and how portions of some fads silently live like a cancer eating away at society.
The other part of a fad, is that more and more, fads deteriorate the independent nature of life that we are all born with. These days people wait for the next new thing to come along, so that they can spend money on, or to feel good, or to keep up with the Jones; all the while in doing so, the fad followers lose their own creativity and their ability to learn, or their identity. That loss is very important to look at, because it makes you “One of Them” not your own personal [You] that you were meant to be.
Look at what’s popular on television or in the movies, if you wouldn’t allow the characters in your house, then why watch what your watching. By watching or following what you see in life or on the small and big screen, it’s important to understand that every person taking time to watch and follow such things; they’re simply making someone very rich that doesn’t care what they are doing as long as it’s popular. Because popularity in some cases equals wealth and power, often in the wrong people.
Part of the young people in society, however stupid it is, or how laughable it is, still walk around with their dainties out above their trousers that are down around their crotch, they be so cool; but they aren’t kool by any means. The same as those older young adults riding around on BMX bikes in their twenties, do these people understand how childish that looks, do they understand that they will never get a decent job living that way; do they even care. Relying on Forrest Gump here, “Stupid is as Stupid does!”
But as for the hard working general public, watching their incomes staying the same while the cost of living consumes more and more of their limited income, they walk down the street to their car, seeing all the new shiny police cars, all the riot gear; but the person walking down the street, they’re thinking of how they are going to make next month’s rent as they unlock the door to their beat up old Toyota that would be in the bone yard if they didn’t need it to keep their job. They look at their car, all the duct tape, bailing wire and chewing gum that’s holding their car together; they start to think that the American dream is locked up in the governmental parts of society, not the citizen part of society.
But as the person walks through the thought, they remember commenting on that very thought before, people just laughed while they shrugged off what the person said. Just shrugged it off, never questioning what they too are seeing, while shrugging off the words of the owner of the ragged but needed Toyota.
What would the possibilities be if people started commenting on all that they saw outside their little personal world. Not to demean anyone, but in the whole picture, all of our personal worlds are little; our egos are big, but our personal worlds are little.
But if we did comment on all that we saw, crimes would lower, professional politicians would be more stand-up, people would be more cordial; in reality, the list could go on. But most important, if we looked at and commented on stupid, we would be calling out the ilk for what and who it or they are; there would be no place to hide.
People would be taken more serious, they would have a more powerful voice, a voice that’s respected. Dignity and respect would be a part of the citizens life once again, therefore the country; mainly because those that think they are in charge would know that they are not in charge; they would know that they are in office to serve us rather than an agenda. In other words, our country and its citizenship would be stronger.
It would be a good deal better than an uprising, because picking up your weapons should always be the last resort. And I know, for me, I can relate better with a peaceful result than the alternative if we don’t make our voices heard. But beware of backing strong peaceful people into the corner, they don’t take it well.

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