Figure It Out

Figure it out
(This is a long one)

Occupiers can destroy city streets and building’s across the country, and stay till their wrath is done. Camping in city parks, urinating on public property, litter everywhere; and parts of the public proudly supported the occupation. Shades of Woodstock.
Protesters can hang from a bridge for days in Portland Oregon, blocking an oil company ship that’s bound for Alaska, after the protesters had to let the ship go, the protesters got in their gas powered cars to drive north to block the ship again; stating that they will go all the way to Alaska if they have too. Some more Shades of the hippie movement.
Sean Penn had an interview with the head of a drug cartel, even when the cops couldn’t find or get this guy, guess he was very elusive; but Penn could get an interview with a reported uncatchable and brutal killer. Even more Shades of movements past in remembering Manson.
And in central Oregon, the local towns people are “fearing” the people that are occupying the federal building’s in a still peaceful manner, even though the local government, police, FBI, every mother’s son, everyone’s pushing on them to leave the area because no one trust them to be nice.
Why are they there, because they stand against Eminent Domain. And, people losing their land in what could be called a hostile takeover by the Fed’s, if they were doing it for business it is all okay with the public; those lands belong to you and your family, not an obese government, nor big business.
This world is spinning into stupid very quick, man oh man; someone in this country had better Cowboy Up, Man Up, Cowgirl Up; like those decals all across the country say, they do believe in what they plaster on the windows of those thirty thousand dollar Cowboy Limos they drive around like they own the Ewing ranch. Makes me wanna sell my Stetson, ranch coat and packers on Craig’s List.
Just once, I wish the American public would decide what they want.
But here is a little help with the Eminent Domain thing. Your neighbors an attorney, his kids have a tree house in their back yard, now your yard has a tree that they want to build on. They ask and ask, offer money from their soda can collecting, nothing moves you; all you can say is get out of here kid you bother me. Then you get a letter in the mail, the kids father and the court says, the kids are going to legally extend their tree house into your back yard. Neighbor to neighbor to neighbor, you talk to them all, no one wants to get involved; you’re all alone as you look out your back window at the tree house in your yard that you can’t ever enter without landing in jail or getting fined. Get the picture, eminent domain, not exactly; but close enough.
These are confusing times aren’t they.

“Nothing has so stripped Christianity of its power, as the conversion of it into a state machine, as the polluting touch of the politician, who has caused it to be preached to the lower ranks, and to be professed by the higher, in order that the old polity (a form of civil government or constitution), with its inveterate (having a particular habit, activity, or interest that is long established and unlikely to change) abuses, may stand fast, and that the accumulation of property in a few hands may be undisturbed. Religion, taught for such ends, is among the worst foes of social progress.” – William E. Channing American Unitarian preacher

Like I said, these are confusing times indeed, the above may or may not be pertinent here, but I can see some similarities, I mean just suppose it was your local church, the local youth club, the only Bar in town; people would stand up yell then if the Fed’s took those places just to have control of the property. Ah, guess it’s hard to figure out the ramifications of everything, or anything; but we do have to give the seeking of knowledge that good old college try.

Well, Elmer Davis got it right, turn your hands up and look at your palms, then look at your family and try to realise; that the future is in your hands.

“This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” – Elmer Davis

Thank you Elmer Davis, if only more American citizens understood your words, but the progressive movement has proven to be more of a cancer in the mind than some may take the time to understand. If they won’t take the time to understand what’s ailing them, then they will never understand your words; regardless of how valuable your words are to their own personal freedoms.
When their Constitutional Rights and Freedoms are of no consequence to the progressive movement, this land will no longer be the land of the free, nor the home of the brave; a little too late then to understand loss. Strange though isn’t it, the men that, all of them, that fought in the Revolutionary War; they were considered rebellious trash, but they gave us all this land and freedom to protect. That’s a whole lot to take for granted.

Just a thought, but it’s something that’s always been a part of my life; it’s the act or thought of defending the good our lives.
That’s what those that took over the federal building’s in central Oregon, they were defending the good, no matter how it gets twisted and spun by the media, they were defending the good that everyone fails to understand that they are losing control of in their lives. They know that this country belongs to the American citizens, not an obese government or a certain culture of people. That culture of people includes environmentalists, the drug culture that has spent decade’s in national parks and recreational areas like the Redwoods – the Cathedral of the Giants; creating their goods to sell to addicts. The trip wires, the guns, all the stolen cars and other vehicles that they set fire to after they mix up a batch of their deadly formulas; but we never see environmentalists stand against the drug culture, but they will fence the well meaning private citizens out.
So the thought is, in light of what I heard on the news today as some guy said: “We need to bring children up to be Activist!” That’s a stupid belief to have as activism often turns to chaos, it often becomes more of a bandwagon ordeal where any true meaning of a cause gets lost in the process; and most always, the act of activism cost everyone in this country, no matter who or where they are living.
Activism gained popularity in the 1960’s, it became a bandwagon event, but a culture grew out of it. Today, we still have bigotry on both sides of the White and Black American line, we have harsher drugs destroying people of all ages from children to the elderly – just think of Gerry Garcia. Through so many decades, the sad part is, in this live for today, forget history, live for today society; society is repeating history in such a violent manner. It’s time for it to end, before we come to a violent end; the only way to do so, is to understand the good that we all share, and defend that good with vigorous efforts backed by knowledge and understanding of our Constitutional Rights; no bandwagon mentalities or activism mentalities allowed. Retaining only an old adage to put power to our driving wheel: We Will Defend and Put God, Country, and Family First. It’s now far beyond time, to put away, needless societal toys; this life we are living, this life is very real and we only get one chance at doing it right.

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