Eight Inches Away

Eight inches away

That’s what it feels like.
Priorities change all the time, something more important always seems to put some priorities on the back burner, that’s just a part of living. But the importance of some priorities never get viewed the way that they should, we let those priorities guide our lives at the expense of family and loved ones.
But in a good deal of people, they get to view and discard some priorities, it’s a profound reason that makes certain things we view as important as more unimportant than we thought. In this day in age, the above is understandable, everything is so fast paced, jobs are more to make a million dollars, rather than to survive so that we can spend more time showing love for those that we care about. Divorce is filled with stories of priorities that don’t count for much.
But for those that die and come back, those that come close to dieing, their stories get written off, the experience is never understood and seldom heard; the writing off of what some people go through never makes the experience any less real. Mainly because experience’s that change a person such as the above, well, they’re personal, more internal, not societal; never making the experience any less real than anything else in this life we live.
A man driving a cab was lucky, in a sense, the cab was okay, the man had a stroke but other than that he was alright. But, it’s what he sees during the stroke that matters, and we don’t know what he saw. The non believers, scientists, the I hate God and religion crowd, they will all tell ya that heaven at those times amounts to nothing more than a nervous twitch in the brain; but they don’t really know, if they did they would have concrete proof, and they don’t.
The man’s wife said it, we were lucky, he’s still here. But the most important part of what the man’s wife said, was that their priorities have changed; and now she understands what those people that have come that close to death are saying is real. The biggest thought here, is why do we all have to wait to wise up, why can’t we try to understand what others know; rather than saying someone is nuts for what they said that they saw when near to death.
Maybe it’s that we all think we are scientists till we find out that we aren’t.
Well, we aren’t all scientists, just like we aren’t all doctors and lawyers; but we are human. That means that we all have feelings, an internal awareness that never has to rely on selected vision formed between the mind and our eyes; not even tricks and illusion. That’s why what some people see when near death is so hard to explain, and for some; so hard to believe till it happens to them.
It’s a shame, but some people won’t even talk about what they went through, the ridicule alone is enough; and by sceptics that believe politicians are basically honest because they have family’s at home somewhere.
But what if everyone was missing out on important information about, say God, heaven. What if what they saw when near death, what if the information were to lead people to a far broader knowledge of the values of life. What if there is something better after death, like death is simply opening a door.
Maybe that’s what doctors and scientists are afraid of, being proved wrong, having to show a more vulnerable side that says they don’t have all the answers after all; and never will. One thing is for sure, one day, we will all have an answer related to this thought, but for now; we shouldn’t be so quick to write it off just because someone says it’s nonsense.

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