Why Maximize the Good People in your Life

Why Maximize the Good People in Your Life

This being Valentine’s Day, a day that is encapsulated with Love being at the core of the day; in all of our actions on this day, those actions should be in Loves guidance. In other words, do it (whatever [it] is) with Love; but in doing so, you have to understand the degrees of love.
It’s not just love, we are supposed to “Love our neighbor” according to the Bible teachings; but that doesn’t mean that we are supposed to bed our neighbor. There is a [Degree] there, the same as “Making Love” is a [Degree] of “Love”; but quite honestly a useless degrading term used often with first-time daters after a dinner and a movie. The degradation is in the true meaning of Love, what a word, a beautiful word, but; the next morning one person is gone from the picture of the date, and the word Love is laying on the floor next to someone’s soiled underwear.
One thing that you never see on this site, at the end of an article or writing, are those antidote type statements, like “Love to All” or “Peace Love and Happiness to All” stately put in the very last line; the reason is that I don’t use those words lightly as if I have an abundance of Love, Peace and Happiness in my life. No one reading this knows me, and I don’t know them, even though I appreciate all my readers; we don’t honestly know each other.
So it’s up to the reader to see the Love, Peace and Happiness that I seek in life through my writing; if they can’t see it, then there is nothing more I can do. But, the good is there, even if the reader has to re-read what is written there to understand better; hopefully they will see something that will give them balance in their lives or balance to someone in their life. These are confusing times, and we do walk in a fickle society. I am the cowboy inside of the Stetson hat, giving the last drop of water to his horse, but I keep my understanding of the old saying: You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.
The junkie with the hammer in my neighbors house, my neighbor couldn’t kick him out, so I did; now my neighbor is letting someone else move in, just as flakey as the junkie. My neighbors not in much control of his life, it’s not like he is the owner of a Halfway House for misfits, he’s just got a bigger heart than he does Good Council in life. But see, that’s the point here, he will get used and abused over and over throughout his life, all because he will not maximize the good in his life, or the good people in his life. In such a manner of living, how will my neighbor ever know “Peace, Love and Happiness” in his life.
If anyone, starting today, took an honest look at their lives, and started to appreciate and build on the good people in their lives; then more people would see and understand the good and the bad in their lives and how they’re living their lives. It’s like you can hold hands with anyone, but you can’t trust everyone’s hand that your holding, knowing the difference between good and bad, allows a person to hold the hand of the one that they trust; now that’s a big thing in life and living.
But we can only know the good in people or in life by maximizing the good, or by losing the good in our lives; but learning by loss is not very fulfilling. Learning by loss is very disheartening, it’s also what leads people to any of the many addictions that so many bathe themselves in; but like the junkie above, he may have seen and felt the lesson of life a million times over, all the while refusing to learn. It’s no one’s fault but his own, but if he gets thrown into detox long enough, or into jail if he gets his hands on another hammer and hurts someone, then if his mind clears up; he may have time and a clear mind to understand the value of keeping the good in his life.
But in reality, no one has to become the junkie of society, they don’t have to become the murderer or thug, or any of the other shadow skulking people that we all see and know are a cancerous portion of our society; but we do have know the quality of the people we are looking at. To do so, take a good look at the good people your life.
Traits of the good people:
No strings, not pushy, good advice, will still be there tomorrow or whenever the need arises, never sugarcoat’s the important things, never lies, never steals, treats people like they’re human and mature, never abusive, always learning and creating, can do things on their own, believes in their and your freedoms, stands up for friends and family when no one else will, their help in times of need never comes with a price tag or profit from interest, most important they’re stand up people that don’t follow. Those things are just some of what makes a person worth knowing, and some might say; those things are what keeps the Kool Kool, and the cool not so cool.
So why Maximize the Good People in Your Life, because it’s always better than the alternative. And if anyone is at the bottom, looking around at those that they are wallowing through life with, if they honestly want better from their life; then look for the good people, learn from them, because they’ve gone through a lot to be and stay who they are. But that’s decency for you, hard earned, hard kept, and in today’s world, ridiculed and disregarded; all because it’s not popular. One thing is for sure, popularity will never hold all the cards of life; at least not the ones that truly matter.

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