who’s Who?

who’s Who?

People are looking at society unraveling, but, why aren’t they getting it?
Not so old but still prevalent view of the news, it’s never too late to look back and understand.
The beauty queen resigned her position, according to the news the resignation was without the crown, but she resigned because she lied and still took the crown knowing that she didn’t tell the truth. She might have forgot to give the crown back, I don’t know, but the fact that there were young girls that wanted to someday be like her bothers me.
But, there was no real outcry from the public, like; Why did she do that, it’s a reflection on every American, doesn’t anybody understand, blah blah blah?
On the other hand, we might probably hear; Oh that poor young lady, she must be from a broken home, she must have had a rough upbringing, let her have the crown, we can make another one, blah blah blah!
The unraveling continues, unscathed by the upsetting actions of a beauty queen, how about a stolen snake from a pet store, yeah. Seems this moron wanted this snake to sell or keep as it’s uncertain, some guy that may or may not be the thief took the snake back to the same store it was stolen from; stating it was found. What’s moronic, besides the guy being a thief, was that when he stole the snake; he put is down his pants. That could have been deservedly painful, something for the thief to think about; what if the snake had been hungry.
The unraveling never ends, Mr Snyder says he loves one American town, “Because they make fun of people that are normal!” That’s just so warm and fuzzy, overpaid actors that some of us wouldn’t waste a nickel to see their movies are telling everyone from children to grandparents that being normal is wrong. Just brings a smile to my face, well maybe not. I’m sure someone out there thinks he’s god now, yeah I’ve asked this before: What is the meaning of Normal? As it pertains to life?
Well Mr Snyder just answered it, today, Normal is the better side of life that is meant to be Ridiculed. “You laugh at me because I’m different, I laugh at you because you’re all the same!” Makes you think don’t it, it should. Normal is now the Different Minority, yeah it’s easy to understand, keep society abnormal; then even overpaid actors that work on being stupid can still make a buck or a million bucks on movies for simpletons.
The unraveling is unreal, society’s fondness for gadgets has caused the deaths of people driving cars and walking the streets. The most common sensitivity has caused murders of strangers and family members by the means of beatings to guns. Rudeness by strangers and friends and family have torn apart friends and family, so much that the most kind and honest person in life remains a stranger. The Republican / Democratic candidate today, they still haven’t really shown that they have the merits that it takes for the job, if their actions, physical, facial, or verbal actions don’t show the country who they are; then their history will show who they are. So, look at the back pages, easy enough to do.
The unraveling of the American values and life that we see and take the time to understand will tell someone if we are a part of America’s Unraveling, or if we are not a part of America’s Unraveling. Then again, if we all just sit back and say nothing in favor of a better society, then we Are Part of the Unraveling. Just sitting back waiting never did get anybody anything, cept ants, spiders and dust; the sad part about today’s society is that too many people are way too content to sit back and wait for the glory day’s to come back.
The other sad part of society is that most people forty years and younger have no real idea what the glory days of America were like, can’t blame them, they were taught other things like yuppieism, liberalism or how to use a bic lighter and a piece of aluminum foil to get high. Can’t blame them for the short comings, that would be wrong, but a person could blame them for not seeking better values in their lives; it’s not like they don’t know the difference between the ilk they’re wallowing in and the good they could have once they sober up. The way to better values in life aren’t untold, people can read about good values, they can talk to people about good values; they just have to do it. If they don’t, then they’re part of the Unraveling we see today, and the future Unraveling of America in the future for generations to come.

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