Respect What Went Before You

Respect What Went Before You

The back pages, everyone’s got them. Family, friends, everyone’s life is filled with back pages; a kind of history book in the heart and the soul of everyone that walks this earth can tap into at any time when life gets rough and they need something good to believe in.
For some people, those that truly live life, with all of life’s ups and downs in a sober view of their lives lived, all the love and kindness, the caring and giving; well, their pages are full of the truth of life.
But for others, those that escape the truth of life through whatever the means of escape; their pages aren’t as full, because life simply passes right on past them. But, that’s another truth of life, no school of higher learning can fill those back pages; it’s honest living that fills a person’s back pages, that and learning life.
The best way to learn life is to listen to those that have gone before you, yes it equates to respecting your elders; because if you don’t respect them, they may not talk to you. And yes, I know, there are a good deal of older people that I won’t spend time talking to; and they may very well be within ten years of my own age.
See, some of my generation escaped life more than they lived it, and what I look for in a person, is what everyone should be looking for; an honest living experience that combines hard work, creativity, and their ability to work things out. Those attributes will tell a person about the other persons life experience, if all they can tell you about is drugs, dancing in the streets with flowers in their hair, and the infamous free ride; it’s simple, move on, life is worth more than what they know.
Life is revision, re-vision, without the vision of the past, how will we see the future. All the mistakes made in the past, all the short comings in the past, if they came with an honest investment in learning what we need to know, and creative juices that own the goal of making something better; then we may be on the way to being a success in our own lives. We may not be a millionaire, or get an award-winning product sold, but we will feel success with our own experience.
The past helps us define the future, thinking of safety as an example. Some may not know this, but there are a good deal of people my age that do; the skateboard, when they first came out, they had metal wheels. They redefined the word ouch!!! They would stop on pebbles no bigger than the tip of a pencil, then, the rider would quickly learn how to fly, tuck, and roll.
If we didn’t learn from the past, then someone building a skateboard, they might find grandma’s old steel roller skates, they might get the thought; this board could really drift if I put these steel wheels on. Aren’t we glad we learn from the past, but poor young Simpleton with his grandma’s old steel roller skate wheels under his board, that didn’t want to listen and learn from the past; well he’s in the ER meeting with his new doctor learning the fundamental reasons why humans can’t fly on their own.
The past is there for us to use, not to forget or take for granted, that’s why God created in each of us a memory; but today, we fill our memories with whatever’s current, New, and popular. Doing so has turned our memories into trash heaps of knowledge, look at all those things that keep coming to mind that agitate us as the stench in a landfill, because that’s all we hang onto in the memory banks; the discards.
But what if we recycled those thoughts, forgive whatever, never in action to be repeated; and out of what’s left, we build something good or better.
Equating the thought in our view of the American life, and in the condition of the world today, we could really understand the need for active and tangible thought in our daily lives. Not the following acceptance of whatever is popular thought, but personal thoughts of what is good in our lives, like what puts the torque to the blacktop where the rubber on our own life driving wheel meets the road.
Maybe then, we can see and learn where we are failing as responsible adults, then make life a little better, more so for those around us; equate that with the world view, now that’s a thought. But, we will have to respect what went before us, learn the history; there is a lot of ugly in history, but, there’s a whole bunch of Beauty in the history too!

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