For the Glory of Love

For The Glory Of Love

Love and life, that’s one plus one equals two that turns into one soul; ties that bind two separate souls into one. Isn’t that a beautiful thought, but it’s real.
Far more beautiful than that cutesy little neurotic neurologist doctor attacking her cabbie driver in her hot-pants, yeah; don’t know what to say about that, that wouldn’t offend someone. But don’t care how much she is worth, how cute she is, how successful she is, wouldn’t want her in my house; let alone in the hospital if that became a need.
But love, oh it’s grand when respected and nurtured. But it isn’t just the sex, if it was, the divorce rate would be a whole lot higher than it is now; and there wouldn’t be the older couples with eighty years of marriage to learn from, yeah, the couple’s that we see holding their arthritic hands together the best they can. We all see those couples and say: That is so beautiful. And rightfully so, it is beautiful.
But where does love come from?
Is love some emotion that “is what it is!”?
Someone once said that the Bible is a book of Love, no matter how anyone looks at it, the statement is true; the Bible is a book of Love.
In marriage, forgiveness, nurturing, commitment, never giving up, relentless pursuit of happiness, relentless belief; those things add structural strength to love. Anyone can find those things in the Bible, it’s not all that hard to find within its pages; if a person selflessly takes the time to look.
How can anyone fault the following quote, calling it less than love. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Now that’s love, be hard pressed to work with that in this earthly place, we all know that people of any age die, and when they do the death takes a toll on those left living; that’s love. But think of giving up your son, call it fiction if anyone wants too; but there is more than enough proof that the crucifixion did happen, so somebody died on that cross.
So, if we are created in the image of God, then it’s not a huge step to believe that quality love comes from God, but humanity treats love like a simple emotion that is simply an emotion, something to play with and use with free will; without any form of nurturing. That’s got to be a hard lesson learned when someone gets to the age of say ninety five or so, living all alone, thinking back on all their “love’s” that they didn’t take the time to invest in.
Relationship, commitment, giving, caring, thoughtfulness, love; those aren’t just words, they are actions of life. It’s that simple, you don’t run from them, you don’t disrespect them; you accept them with respect and dignity, out of and with love. If as a society we did that, think how nice this world would be, not a hippie kind of love, but an Agape kind of respectful love for the family; that alone would change the world for the better. Even more so if through our actions, we adults through our own knowledge of what an Agape kind of love is; we pass on our knowledge of what Agape love is.
That’s a hard thing to do these days, as people say, kids don’t listen these days, and the proof is in the pudding; judge Judy is not a member of the supreme court, she is a “reality” show judge. If the youth believe that judge Judy is a supreme court justice, then how will the youth understand what Agape love is as opposed to the new age “old school” taught hippie kind of love. Seems like a no brainer, they won’t and may never know the difference. Now that’s sad!
So, where does the Agape kind of love come from, how can anyone learn what Agape love is; well, anyone reading this has already been given the answer. All I can really say is, seek it, nurture it, and give it to your family first; save worrying about changing the world for later. Mainly because, we can’t change the world for the better, till we change ourselves for the better first.

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