The Right-Hand Man of anyone is the Wheel-Horse of a friendship, crew manager, in gangs; even the lowly professional politicians, they all have wheel-horses. Not by today’s standards, but there’s an intimacy that used to stand taller than today’s standards of intimacy between the right-hand man and his friend or boss. But then, the citizenry used to live by higher standards then, poor or rich didn’t matter, everyone lived by a higher standard, leaving cheap and tawdry standards to the more seedy parts of society.
The Wheeler’s were the horses closest to the wagon, they weren’t the back of the team, they were the team, controlling turns and stops, down hill and up hill control; very pertinent horse’s, the strongest of the team, they helped insure a safe journey.
The Leaders, frisky and fast when out of control, but they gave the speed when needed, still though; part of the team pulling the freight wagon or stage to their destinations safely.
The politicians mentioned before was for a reason, anyone really care or know who any of the American government officials Wheel-Horses are?
Anyone really know or care who the American government officials Wheelers are?
Been watching the Leader’s for eight years now, there hasn’t been a whole lot of control in the team, read that as the American government, but control of the government officials is what keeps this country on track; but then we do have to ask, so who has the leather in his hands, just who’s controlling the reins of this out of control wagon we’re all riding in. To call it America’s band wagon would be ridiculous as the music died a long time ago, but the memories of the same old tired tune are being played; we need so much to figure out what we are listening to as a citizenry.
Looking at our American government officials as a runaway wagon, it would be simple to see that no one has the reins, and if someone does; their not the right hands holding the leather. And if someone has the reins, it’s sure not the Knight of ribbons, no gallantry on white horses in the American government officials these days, just agenda pimping, well established career politicians there to fleece the public for their last dollar.
If the public had been watching where the wagon they were riding in was headed, they would have put a whoa on the team and the driver years ago, but they didn’t have what it would take to do so, no guts no glory; society needs to brass up some, because that cliffs edge is getting closer and closer.
In terms of today, we got a problem, a fickle problem at that. Socialism or Socialist mentalities are too well accepted, it’s like the red blood of the red blooded Americans is changing to another color, like that of water that takes the path of least resistance; that may be good for a river, but not for humanity. Such loosely following manners are good for nothing more than watching the ground, or the foundation of America slip right out from under your feet. At that point we can watch our livelyhoods, and then our economy fall to the ground; any guesses as to what comes next, look around, the road we’re on has been gaining more and more ruts in the last few years or so.
Due to all the Gerrymandering in this country of ours, by local and national governmental candidates or wannabe stature holders, it’s hard to tell just which party is which; the noble or humble thing to do for this country would be for every citizen to open their eyes and see just where they are headed. If not, it’ll be gone one day, to some card carrying progressive snake oil salesman from some far off distant land, to some; eight years of that kind of thinking has been enough.
Kind of beef-headed if you think about it, but then, people following whatever good or bad, just gotta know that cattle don’t care much about anything, cept being fed; to them it’s always free grub . . . Till…

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