The Conscientious Conservative

The Conscientious Conservative
In thought of Millennial’s

This life we are living is like those ripples that wave out to obscurity after we throw the pebble in the water. Think of the pebbles as having names, the first is God, and the second is Faith (in God), those were the first to be thrown in the water; where now the pebbles lay at the bottom, out of sight and out of mind.
But the one trick pony in what we see outside our front windows, it’s society; from day one, society is the only place anyone can look at for the cause of America’s faults or downfalls. Unfortunately, regardless of the good in this world, in this country, society is the third pebble; because society is in control of its outcome, and it’s failing.
In Portland Oregon arsenic levels are high, as are the levels of cadmium, so what are the citizens there doing; they’re placing the blame on a glass manufacturing company. Down the road a few blocks from the glass manufacturing plant is a high school, but it’s safe from arsenic and cadmium, air gets pulled into the building via the heating and air conditioning ducts, that air is circulating around the inside of the building; yet the student’s and faculty are safe from arsenic and cadmium.
Now the good citizens had a meeting, talking about the problem, but never once did the good citizens talk about what is coming down from the sky, contaminating the watersheds, farm fields, the sidewalks we all walk on. So let’s throw another pebble into the water, we will call this one Common Sense, society refuses to look at the whole picture.
How strange it is, some of the countries that aren’t our friends rarely see Chemtrails, but America, Europe, and others see them, that doesn’t mean that all governments aren’t involved, it just means that there is a starting point and an ending point in the flight path. But take a look at what’s in those trails that people take for granted or ignore, worse yet; people write them off as conspiracy theories or a global warming fix while the earth continues to heat up in their lack wanting to understand.
Aluminum Oxide Particles, [Arsenic], Barium Salts and Barium Titanates, [Cadmium], Desiccated Human Red Blood Cells, Human white Blood Cells-A (restrictor enzyme used in research labs to snip and combine DNA), Selenium, Unidentified Bacteria, Uranium,Yellow Fungal Mycotoxins. Don’t blink, read, because there’s more carcinogenic’s and respiratory foes in those ignored life threatening lines in the sky.
Right now, people are talking about Mr Trump dropping the “F-Bomb” in one of his speech’s, how they thought it was so undignified, so atrocious. For me, I have to get good and mad to do so, or I might use the word to get someone’s attention; but is what Mr Trump said any more undignified or atrocious than what people see or accept from all aspects of society on a daily basis. Not at all, it’s actually fairly tame. But for people that have such shortsighted focus, they should spend the day in the heart of Meth-Ville, the ER, go see the Blue Babies while your in the hospital, hang out at a local bar; then see what you want to say. If anyone doing so to understand better what they have ignored for so long, what they might say when done, their words might make Mr Trumps words look and feel like they came from the Pope himself.
Being raised in the midst of the left and their rose colored glasses, I have to say that the people that kept me close to the straight and narrow, they were the colorful speaking, life confirmed conservative hard working people; the Conscientious Conservative. I learned back then that life is filled with the good, bad, and the ugly; our strength in life if put on a scale, can only be balanced with our maturity in life. Mainly because understanding life, it tells me that I can’t run from the bad or ugly aspects of life, but I would be letting society down by running or hiding from the bad or ugly aspects of life; when in reality, it’s the responsibility of all to encourage the good aspects of life over and above the latest popular cash cow or political dogmas.
So look at Strength and Maturity as the next pebbles to be tossed in the water, we are at a point in our society, that through our following ways, our accepting ways, our self imposed blindness; that we as a society are heading silently towards obscurity, as we become more and more sheepish and condescending in our nature. Being sheepish in following, and being condisending at the same time, having those two characteristics in life is not only confusing; but in respect to life, those two characteristics are destructive.
Guess through time we have thrown quite a few of our character building pebbles into the water, but we just sat there and watched the ripples drift off to nothingness; anyone besides me see it. The other thing I see, is that on a societal level, tossing life’s pebbles into life’s waters without care must be fun; because it sure is popular.

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