Self Deception

Self Deception

Keep treating life like certain aspects of life don’t matter, or that humans can overcome those certain aspects of life, sooner or later, mankind will find out that those aspects of life do indeed exist; and those certain aspects of life will never go away or change.
War’s come to countries, for two reasons: One, bullies are still bullies even when they get older, only then, they usually have money, power; or both. Two, passive or unprotected people or countries are the preferred target; bullies pick easy targets. That’s something everyone learned in elementary school, even if you didn’t fall victim in elementary school; you still understood that bullying happened. But wars are on a bigger scale, that’s the short of it, the long of it; is that people die in a war.

Expectations in life:
I expect people to drive respectful on the road. I expect cordialness as long as I am being cordial. I expect care givers to be care givers not thieves of any kind. I expect people of any age above five to give an honest listen because I usually say things only once to those I talk to. I expect to not have to deal with some moron that wants to kill me by any means on a daily basis. I expect people to be aware of what’s going on around them. I expect people to be half way alert when they are walking down or crossing the street. I expect people to respect and understand my life as much as they Want me to understand and respect their lives. Some of those things don’t happen all the time, but if we stop expecting them then they will never happen.

Rules were made to be broken, or so they say. But in the above, when thinking of the laws that govern everyone these days, if people were to start thinking of those laws as laws that govern the action of stupid moronic people rather than protection of the innocent; then maybe we can see that society needs to cleanup their societal actions. Mainly because, the laws on the books today are not that old, people used to respect their freedoms more forty years ago than they do today, and there were less obtrusive laws. Right now, it’s almost against the law to even survive, try doing so if you can’t afford a can of Campbell’s soup. If you can’t, you’re going to break a law somewhere, in reality, what you do may not even be a crime as it may just be survival; in reality of a free land that America is.

Reality vs what we see. Face it, if you walk out and see the world around you for what it truly is, and you gear yourself mentally and physically to get through the day, you might be statistically; one out of two hundred that will. Some people around you will ignore what they see, some will keep silent, and some; well, they will always live blissfully unaware in their surroundings. In respect to those around any of us, that never really look at the world as it is, well, they are the ones screaming for more laws and restrictions that stifle you and your free life; mostly because they never want to deal with anything. Look at a reckless driver, there used to be one law that covered everything concerning reckless driving; now there’s probably ten laws. And, each of those laws cost you the money you need for that can of Campbell’s soup that you need or that you want to give to the food bank.

Unhealthy sensitivity, “those poor people.” One thing I learned a long time ago, is that some people just truly want to live the “Bums” life, but they will take advantage of the “Free Ride” that society gives away like candy in a parade. Being a bum is not the same as being homeless, even though they may very well look the same, homeless people will work on better; the addicted won’t. They may get lucky and gain some footing in life, but they won’t care enough to understand what they have, or how to keep what they have. It’s too much responsibility, figuring that they can live without the responsibility in their lives. Some of the so-called homeless, panhandlers at the intersections, cardboard signs and all, they make more than that hard working young man or woman working their way through college at McDonald’s. The sad part is the young man or woman paying their way on a meager income while going through school, they are treated worse by the so-called normal people, and with less compassion than the panhandlers that choose not to or just won’t work for a living get. How lessons get taught, ever wonder?

Self Deception, you follow, you will get lost in the crowd; it’s really that simple. This is not saying that compassion, caring, thoughtfulness, kindness, this is not saying that those things aren’t important; because they are. But creating a society that thrives off the backs of those that truly may need assistance and honest help; that’s ridiculously wrong. It’s as wrong as people thinking that certain aspects of life is wrong and that those certain aspects of life can be overcome; there are bad people in this world, and people have been wanting to take down this country since just about the time it was formed into a country of its own.
So, give to a responsible charity, be aware of your surroundings, live for freedom not laws that stifle life and freedom’s, and don’t be so overly sensitive that you give it all away because doing so is popular or politically correct. Self Deception isn’t knowledge, lately, Self Deception looks more and more the illness rather than the cure.

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