No One is Ever Prepared for the Inevitable

No one is Ever Prepared for the Inevitable

No one, that is a fact.
We put the thought of the Inevitable in the back of our minds till we reach a certain age, or a certain health condition, up till then; we don’t even think about the Inevitable. And if someone talks about the Inevitable, oh watch out, your a doomsayer, you’re too depressing; the ultimate Downer Dude.
But on that day, when the doctor says: You have an illness that will take your life, their is no cure, it’s just a question of time; wish I could have have given you a better prognosis. On that day, something inside you changes, besides the fear, the unknown, all the uncertainties, something inside you changes; you become wiser in life. Maybe not as wise as you could have been, but then at moment’s like that; who is.
For some reason, you see an honesty in life, that honesty has always been there but now you know the difference between the true and false nature of life; what you are really seeing is the reality of life. From that moment on, you take nothing for granted, every bit of time, every bit of a person’s presence like someone that you really love; you find yourself making sure that person knows that you love them. It’s the reality of life that you are looking at, square in the eyes, it’s the reality of life. For some reason, you don’t concern yourself with how much time you have, the only thing you care about; is what you do with your time on a daily basis.
But there is more, a whole lot more, it’s been inside you all along, in today’s world; you’ve probably denied it a million times in your life. The timing between false immortality and the reality of the Inevitable, that timing is so quick, and the time you spent feeling immortal seems so foolish on the day you get the doctors news that you aren’t really immortal; and never really was at any point in your young or old life.
We’ve all seen those commercials of the children fighting the good fight of their lives as they battle cancer, you feel guilty for ever saying the words: Poor Babies. There really isn’t anything to feel guilty about ever saying those words if they were used in some sort of text about today’s whiners. But when talking about the those heroic children, now after seeing the doctor; the words Poor Babies are very profound words, but then so is the word – Reality.
Spirituality, now that’s a big word, the immortal thinkers of this day want spirituality outlawed; as if tomorrow is of no real significance. But all those silent times of the day or night, you question: God, are you real, talk to me God, talk to me; tell me what to do with this illness. You try with all your might to understand what Heaven is like, how to get to Heaven; and why all of a sudden Heaven is important to you. You question why you didn’t listen better when your parents took you to church, or when they just wanted to have a more serious conversation about what life truly means; somehow you understand that there is so much more to life than what you and your friends followed, or what they want you to followed now. On this day, your priorities in living and thought; they have drastically changed. Heaven is no longer a word in a preachers sermon, it’s a place you are hoping is as real as the doctors office that you just left.
Friendship, relationships, acquaintances, somehow you look at the depth of those parts of your life; time is too precious now to waste on shallow people, now you know that the Real in real life has always been a precious commodity. Time now is a gift you give only to those that you care about, sleeping and eating seems to be more of a waste of time to throw away on shallow people; because you want whatever strength and time you have left to hug and hold the ones you truly love, while you tell them so. Regardless if the ones you love take your love serious or not, you waste no time letting them know they are loved; because you know the value of your love.
Ah that picket fence, the grass is always greener on the other side, right; we’ll isn’t it. Not always, now you understand it better, sometimes green grass doesn’t mean a healthy lawn. And somehow, the equation of a lawn and life has meaning to you now, as you envied what other people had, but now; you know it’s not always what you see that’s good, sometimes it’s honestly what you feel inside your heart and your soul that counts.
The Inevitable, it doesn’t have to be in your physical life and body, it can be in someone else’s life, a spouse, a parent, a grandparent; the wise of the world will learn so much in honest caring and love.
Someone said that I need someone in my life, to fill the void, to take the place of, to share my life with; I said no I don’t, I have three soul’s waiting for me as I pointed to heaven. Shortly after I was asked, why didn’t our marriage last, I didn’t give an answer, time and place of the question, but divorce breeds thought I guess besides anger, but I have the answer; I simply believe in an honest love and the respect that love should be given. Yes Punkin, you are every bit of that honest love, keep the candle in the window for me, every night I look up, I can see it from here.

The fickle thing about the way human beings are living these days, as opposed to a century ago; none of the above really matters. That is till the Inevitable becomes a reality, that’s when you find out; what’s really of value in your life and that no credit card can reverse the Inevitable Reality of life.

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