I Just Couldn’t Resist

I Just Couldn’t Resist

Ribbing has been going on forever, between family and friends; ribbing is always a part of any kind of human relationships. We just have to take care not to over do, or hit that nerve on someone; making them mad.
There are those people that are thin skinned, almost like if you say Morning Glory to them, then they think your being mean, but you’re not being mean; you’re just being jovially cordial. Then there are those that just don’t get the fact that they are being ribbed, they just keep moving about like nothing was said; leaving the ribber standing there thinking, why didn’t they react.
Had an electrician friend come over for some needed work, he got his tools out and started to work. His phone rang, he answered, shortly after he answered the phone he began to laugh. After he hung up the phone, he told me what he was laughing about; seems his friend on the other end told my friend that he was a Hollywood talent scout, and that Hollywood wanted my friend to star as the next Superman in an upcoming movie.
I have worked with people that liked to rib everyone, didn’t matter, they just had to rib someone during the day; guess it was like a vitamin to them.
One guy that I worked with saw me parking my Torino lowrider in a mall parking lot, he knew how I felt about the car, lowered and shaved, all the little tricks; he knew I wouldn’t want it damaged.
When I came back to the car, there was a note on the windshield, it went something like this:
I’m truly sorry I hit your car, it’s just a small dent, but if you think I’m gonna leave you my name, phone number; or money your crazy!!!
I looked all over the car, no dents, I did the body work on the whole car, I knew every inch of it; no dents. I quickly forgot about the note and went home. Then I found out who left the note, I laughed, telling them about the time scrutinizing my car, he then told me that he wished he had stuck around to see what I had done when I found the note; but it took me so long to park the car that he ran out of waiting time. All we could do was laugh, it was a memory made of laughter.
This being a political year, it’s not hard to find a ribbing spot on someone; yep, couldn’t resist.
A friend, an outspoken staunch democrat, to the point that they won’t even watch any conservative station, no matter how center isle the reporter or article writer might be; if it’s not democratic in even the smallest of ways, then it’s not worth talking about.
More than once I have let my friend ramble on, argue points of view, and watch them get mad when I don’t get swayed by their views. She defends Obama like he is her son and can do no wrong, “He can’t do anything, he wants to; but his hands are tied by the republicans!”
Yeah, that’s it, I can dig it, it should be a democrat world, why do you trust only democrats; I have a hard time trusting any politician, on the hill, they all love money and power. I’ve never met a poor politician.
So the other night, we had dinner, it was fun, filled with laughter. Her husband used to work for Boeing, he told me that Boeing just got the contract to build a new Air Force One. I said even with all of Obama’s vacations, the current Air Force One should have a few years left in it; so why waste the taxpayers money.
My friend said, it’s for the new president I guess.
Oh that opened and welcoming door for the ribber to walk through.
My reply, still, why waste the taxpayers money, we all know that he’s got his own plane and his own helicopter.
My friend, she just shook her head, she knew that she had just been ribbed; no it’s not a Trump endorsement, it was an honest to goodness ribbing. A ribbing that I couldn’t resist.
The thing is, she took the ribbing kindly, she didn’t get mad and stomp off like child; all she said was that she should have seen it coming, admitting that she had been ribbed.
All I could say to her was, I just couldn’t resist.

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