I Have Always Said That

I Have Always Said That…

Yeah, look around today, it’ll all be different this time next week. Sometimes, it’s a long week though.

“I think there is something, more important than believing: Action! The world is full of dreamers, there aren’t enough who will move ahead and begin to take concrete steps to actualize their vision.” – W. Clement Stone

Well, Mr Stone was talking more in terms of business than the more basic aspects of life, but business and humanity do go hand in hand. Seems to me though, that humanity has pretty much sealed its future in concrete; somehow though, when thinking of humanity’s future in concrete, I see people stuck in the process of running, crouching or hiding.
An elderly person I know that has always had a problem with a very obtuse part of the family, today the family member was confronted. I didn’t pay the action any mind, none of my business really unless asked, but the elderly person stopped by after all was said and done with the day, they told me that the confrontation must have done something; the family member was actually nice to them.
I’ve always said, confrontation can be the beginning or the end to a fight, as long as the confrontation and the fight are just. It’s a tough thought with family, but at times confrontation is sometimes healthy, long as it’s just. Don’t want to seem obtuse, now do we, that would make us; them, wouldn’t it.
Sometimes a person needs a “Come to Jesus talk”, not taking anyone down a religious path, it simply means a talk that’s going to awaken a person when that load of life bricks that fell on them didn’t.
Took someone to the doctor, we were early, not really a big deal, only about an hour is all; out of twenty four hours, suppose we can survive an hour’s worth of waiting. Spotted a Starbucks down the road, let’s get a coffee, we can sit and talk for a bit, I said. Then I said, yeah, we can loiter around looking just as stupid as anyone else. Should have garnered a chuckle, but what I got in a reply was, are you saying I’m stupid? You are a tad thin skinned aren’t you, it’s a figure of speech, besides I wasn’t talking about me neither, I’ve been on time all the way to this doctors appointment of yours, you made the schedule; and I was there to pick you up ten minutes early, not an hour early. Somehow I think Jesus might just smile at that one. It’s true though, good thing I love the person I took to the doctor, thin skinned or not; I love her enough to be honest about . . . life.
See the elephant? Those pesky lofty expectations, I’ve been burned many times by high minded expectations, no matter, friends or family; lofty high expectations are just that, lofty high expectations. It’s like their sitting on a cliffs edge, take them serious and you will fall, they hurt. So, I don’t get excited or expect much from people.
Took my neighbor to the store, he comes out with a six pack of beer, somehow I know it’s not the first time; won’t be the last, my knowledge of their actions are more of experience in the matter. Heard all his words about quitting the drinking before, but he still spoke the same tired worn out words to me as I lifted the trunk lid to the back of the car. I disappointed you by buying beer didn’t I. Had to tell him it’s his disappointment only, any disappointment on my part is not from my expectations of him; his disappointment only.
Disappointment’s a Big Elephant to ride, especially when the disappointment is in yourself, that’s a long hard fall with or without expectations in another person’s words. But if you can’t see the meaning of life on your own, or the quality of life you seek, the quality that makes life worth changing for the better in yourself, then how are you going to see that same quality in life in someone else. The down side of being self arrogant, with yourself and the life you live, sometimes we are our worst enemy; wouldn’t you say. Always finding the same people with like minded qualities as yourself, sometimes you slide right off that big Elephant; smack dab into that same old rut you were trying so hard to crawl out of.

“Worry is like a rocking chair – it gives you something to do but won’t get you anywhere.” – Author Unknown

Enough said, all this rambling is not going to get anything done around here, think I’m gonna go do the dishes or create something, like a tasty grilled ham and cheese sandwich; mmm, the makings of a harmonious grub day. At times if not abused, a good grub day is better than swimming in a societal stew with tainted meat, undercooked carrots; and rotten spuds.

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