Beware, The Troubles of the World Began with the Apple

Beware, the Troubles of the World Began With One Apple

To the faithful, the title of this may be true, but I caught this on an old television show, so I was more involved in the dialogue of the show; and quite honestly, it made me laugh. But thinking of the title in terms of life, the words: Beware, the Troubles of the World Began With One Apple; they could be very true.
Biblically, when Adam and Eve found that tree, then took the time to partake in the forbidden fruit, yes the troubles began. Today though, the Apple is for the most part, an innocent fruit that will always get the blame; here’s a fruit though, the Blood Orange. The sneaky little orange is being blended into everything the mind can think of, right down to beer.
But like the Apple, the Blood Orange really has nothing to do with today’s outcome, and yeah; it’s a good thought that humanity should have learned more from the outcome of the first crackling bite that Adam and Eve partook from the forbidden fruit. Now we have the Blood Orange to throw our blame at, because it taste so good in vodka, beer, or anything with alcohol; don’t get me wrong, fresh off the tree, those Blood Oranges are good.
But today, our problems don’t come from forbidden fruit, rather, our problems come from what the apples and oranges are mixed with, and, what the flavors of each enhance. When I was a kid with tonsillitis, we took a train ride to see some relatives, I had to take some meds that tasted so good that I drove my mom nuts wanting more of them; it was a good tasting drug and I wanted more.
The neighbor that needed help booting out a junkie called today, needed a hand moving something, no problem. When I got there I could tell more of what I suspected on the phone; he’d had a few. Slurred words, they kind of came to the tip of his tongue, then just kind of dropped off in a nonsensical manner; to the point that I had to keep asking huh, what did you say or mean? But then he more than once told me that he had a drinking problem, and that he really needed to quit, no, he’s not at the point of saying that he needs help; that’s the bad part of blending addictions and the human psyche.
Then he said, I might as well tell you, I’m going to rent out the room. Okay I thought, then he told me to whom. Down the street is a pot grower that is now legal, the guy that’s going to move in, is moving in because the pot grower kicked him out. Red flag. The new tenant gets loaded, red flag, and according to my neighbor, the guy is a gross individual, red flag; like the sweaty dirty kind of gross, red flag. The guys hygiene aside, a guy that promotes any use of drugs is not what my alcoholic neighbor needs in his life, and we had that talk after booting out the junkie. RED FLAG!!!!
We had another talk and then I left for home, where peace and calm reside, and no tolerance of bottle tippers, bong hitters, and needle plungers reside. But I decided that, at sixty three years old, if the new tenant turns out bad, remembering the junkie here, then it’s not my problem; I won’t feel a need to accept into my life the stress it takes to do the dirty work that a fifty four year old person should be doing because it’s his home. Excuse me here, but PTSD my ass, but know now, the crap that is happening in my neighbors home is not mine, so if he has to deal with the new guy by booting him out, and he is shaking due to his PTSD, he will have to man up and shovel out his own shit pile the next time.
I’m not comparing apples and oranges, I’m talking about apple’s and oranges, they don’t coexist well, to the point that they don’t grow on the same tree. But in a salad they do get along.
Alcoholics, druggies, they are different, but they are also the same, and they both carry the same down side in life; too often they are beyond the ability to understand that reality bites, till they sober up and find out its too late.
The true sadness here, is that some in society may think I’m being cold, or at the very least I’m being rude; but then that’s the culture we live in, isn’t it. So for those people that think that, wait till it comes to your home. I like my solitude, my calm, my peace, and I defend it; I can’t help it if others love their chaos, think I will leave it theirs, especially if they open their own front door and just let it walk on in.

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