All the Wall’s, All the Boxes

All the Wall’s, All the Boxes!

Have you ever sat in a room, and didn’t like what you see. With no television, radio, or smart phone technology at your fingertips; just you and the room that your sitting in. For some people, entertaining their thoughts is less than fun, being all alone is scary when all they have to do; is think.
But that’s what it will, is, or would be like if people really looked at their lives from the inside out; if people aren’t building walls around their lives, then they are surviving within the walls that they have already built. Those people are not happy, but the walls are theirs, so are all the parts of their lives that they hide; in all the nooks and crannies of the mind heart and soul.
I could say that I was fed up with society, but I’m not. I’ve just been around far too long to get fed up, can’t even be disappointed anymore; been watching people all my life, too long to get disappointed or to waste my time getting fed up. Nor can I do anything to tear down the walls people have built around themselves, nor do I have the luxury of time to even care about tearing down those walls for people too lazy to care about even themselves.
People have to make the concerted efforts to free their thoughts to something better on their own, no one is going to lead them to better, they’re in a box; who’s going to lead them out. Look at the inside of the box, conservative, republican, liberal, democrat, religious, agnostic, human, animal; let them pick what they want to see on the walls of their boxes. Just don’t carry on child like when things don’t work out as expected, the faults will never be anyone else’s but the owner of the walls; and quite frankly, no one should take the time to worry about someone’s faulty self-built walls; as unseen as they are.
Some people that regard Faith in God as being illogical yet they run fast from the truth of what’s going on in the world they live in, so be it, so where is the logic; and why is there so much fear in opening their minds and their eyes, to the world or to God.
So, before things get worse, knock down those walls, step out of the box; hasn’t there been enough time, money and lives wasted in the following without thought.
This page has talked of things that are now dated, some go back years, and the topics never got the light of day, mainly because people find the subjects to be going against the grain of popular thinking.
The other day, on the news someone talked about the financial highway (thats what it is, financial, follow the money) that cuts across America from Mexico to the Canadian border, I knew about it over eight years ago, now it’s on the news. And now people are talking about it, how less than impressive, in a country that thinks so highly of itself that it would rather be fashionably or politically correct than to use their minds to understand better about the health of their own country. Better late than never I guess, but what if it’s too late, how’s the common citizen going to change something for the better that they never took the time to understand in the first place; something that by now, might just be too far out of their hands to change anyway.
I find it interesting, that on this site, people enjoy the warmer part of humanity such as my writing about love and the beauty that can and should be seen. But if I talk bluntly about life and where we as a society are falling short, then no one likes or shares anything. That’s alright, because I’m not here for the popularity, I am here though to tell what I see, right or wrong with the country that I love. And, if people would rather follow the Kardashian-istic flow or definition of an upstanding citizen or society; then let them. For me, I’d rather die seeing and taking note of the obvious than I would to say nothing while hiding in denial. To each his own, but there’s no answering to a person’s conscience these days, guilt is simply reasoned away; if guilt wasn’t reasoned away, there wouldn’t be a vote needed for another Clinton, because her conscience wouldn’t let her run. But that could be said about most professional politicians, and a good deal of professionals in all walks of life.
All the wall’s, all the boxes, could talk about the loss of freedoms, the cost of life and living, could even talk about that loss of inner peace; brought on by the walls anyone hides behind. But the truth is, it’ll all be there tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, till the walls get knocked down, and people in their need for the understanding of the life they’re living in, that wish for a better understanding is the first step out of the box; on their way to looking for a better life.
But by now, it is worth noting, becoming aware, it should be known that it’s not going to be all down hill and easy, we will all have to re-earn what we gave away in our complacency; guess it would have been better if everyone understood life and the value of life all along.

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