The Learning

The Learning

Easily said, easily understood, easily accessible, life is a learning curve, and if you truly want to learn; you will learn.
Talking to a good friend today, I told her that I started mocking up my new taillights, don’t know what I’m doing; but they’re going to be kool. It’s important to keep a positive outlook on whatever you are doing, be it a project or just life itself, whatever the reason; a positive attitude will effect the outcome more than a lazy or negative attitude.
See, that’s the point, most everything we take for granted these day’s, like the light bulb; the inventor, no matter his or her knowledge, they didn’t know what they were doing when they started. All they had was a goal and dream in mind, that’s it. But they didn’t give into their lack of knowledge, they added to their knowledge to help them attain their goal.
Some would say, that’s what separates the men from the boys, but stupid is not the same as ignorance, the men gained the knowledge they needed; thus taking them away from ignorance. Ultimately, that gained knowledge, takes them away from stupid, that gaining of knowledge is what John Q. Public takes for granted; or never takes the time to understand as they turn on a light switch. All the trials and tribulations the inventors went through to create what we take for granted today, all those trials and tribulations gave the inventors the knowledge they needed; to make your life more comfortable.
Me and my taillights, I have no real clue what I am doing, but I’m learning. I’m learning more about plastics, their resilience and transparent attributes. I’m learning about metal, aluminum vs steel, and polishing; like which one will give me the best reflection factors for my needs. I have to learn about the design and fitment of the parts that will get me to the end result, that includes any angles and shapes that are inherent to the body of the car. That all brings me to the symmetry between the end product and the car, which for me, I want it to look as though the factory did it years ago with today’s technology.
That learning curve, it can be intimidating, it don’t have to be; but it sure can be intimidating. Think though, as soon as you say [I can’t do that], you stay ignorant, one step above stupid if you possess the ability to learn and create. You don’t ever have to know everything, in fact, it’s impossible to know everything, but you do have to know something; that knowledge is where everyone gains pleasure, happiness, contentment, and the ability to survive.
It’s simple, as far as my taillights are concerned, I can spend three or four hundred dollars and replace the old taillights, with their inherent faults and issues as every reproduction part inherits the same faults made years ago at the factry; or I can spend less and create something better than the factory made. All by tapping my capabilities, my ability to learn something worthwhile, and in the end; I will have taillights that no other 240 owner will have. Without the faults that the designers failed to catch when they sat at their drafting tables with their T-Squares and mechanical pencils.
Now, that’s Kustom thinking for a Kustom outcome on a budget, the money that I will save can buy food, give to my grandchild to be, help someone in need; and I can pass my knowledge on to someone that really would rather learn something more than how to tip a bottle back because it’s the popular thing to do.
Could equate this more to life, it’s just not worth my taking the time when you the reader are very capable of doing so, too many other things for me to do; to finish. Can say though, life isn’t all freely warm and fuzzy, we have to Earn that side of life; through our knowledge, and, our accomplishments. When I see my taillights in place and working, now that; will make me feel warm and fuzzy, with the good feeling of accomplishment.
And above all, I will not have wasted my God given abilities, because when finished with this project; I will have learned something that I can pass on to help someone else achieve their goals.

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