48%, And We Paid For The Locks

48%, And We Paid For The Locks

The Fed’s own 48% of western land, what about land in the Midwest, or land in the East, the question should be who is in control of that land; but the thinking of, or questioning of the above never gets daylight.
Back in the 1960’s, hippies would move into any empty building they ran across, they would get loaded, chant, let their kids run around dirty and naked while the parents came down from a high, or embraced their free love.
They would park their busses with their gaudy paint jobs, litter, steal whatever they needed or couldn’t afford, they would paint up the walls of buildings on private property, and that movement lasted for years; the “concerned” public allowed it, those are the people condoning the obtrusive illogical actions of today.
So many people are unaware of just how controlling that movement has become, from the obesity of the government, the ownership of public lands in the name of conservation or saving the trees and world; right down to land confiscation when and wherever possible. Mostly done through the Save Whatever guise, they became one of the most dubious lobbyists, yet the most manipulative lobbyists in the political arena; though it remains to be seen who the real benefactors are going to be. The fact is though, the hard working citizens, they are the ones that have paid for every padlock on every gate that the Fed’s set up to keep the public out.
In essence, the hippie, progressive, and socialist movements can be traced back to the mid 1960’s, all the way to today; but the progressive and socialist movements can be traced back even further. Now that’s one long occupation of not only federal lands, but public opinion, but, it’s been over and over again allowed by a citizenship that refuses to understand what’s really happening.
The people in central Oregon, in the federal building’s, they have only been at it for a month, and now, several people have been arrested; and one man has been shot to death. In a part of the country that once allowed a religious cult to infiltrate not only the land, but to a degree the local governments, threaten the populations water supplies, have an overly strong amassing of fully automatic weapons; all while the public and public officials denied for months that there was a growing problem right in front of them.
Makes one question, when we see reports on the news about the incident or incidents in central Oregon, we should be questioning if the public is getting the whole truth or not. Looking at a society that runs more on popularity without due diligence or thought in its makeup, it’s hard to believe that the bulk of the public will question the actions of the authorities.
But they will denounce a presidential candidate for not going to a debate or spelling or pronouncing a word wrong. They will allow thoughtless progressive actions to be taken to the common people, even to the point of the needless death of their fellow man, they will ignore the fact that the Fed’s won’t allow even the news media in the area, they will look past the timeline of the central Oregon occupation as opposed to slow progression of progressivism and socialism; to the thinking mind, it just doesn’t add up.
Could it be that the group in central Oregon, as they stated many times that they were there defending private property vs federal ownership through eminent domain, that they were defending the Constitution, could that be the reason why there was little time given in the central Oregon standoff, could yours and my Constitutional Rights be at the heart of the hasty ending to the situation in central Oregon. Maybe, they (the people in the federal building’s) were shedding light on something meant to be silenced from the general publc; who knows, but one day we will all know.
Who knows when we will see the real truth about the incident in central Oregon, or any other place that is connected in any form politically; so just think of this the next time you drive past homeless camp, you know the ones that are under a bridge illegally, ask yourself: If you went through the camp, how many drugs, weapons of any kind, how much prostitution, how much theft and mayhem has been allowed to fester daily in this country and for decades now. People drive past homeless camps daily, without a seconds thought or regard to them. Maybe then, in the thinking, you might see, that this citizenry really doesn’t care about much, as long as they have theirs; while they blindly let their Constitution and freedom’s slip off into obscurity.
This is land your land, this land is my land, and the federal government owns 48% of the western states land, Lord only knows what else the federal government claims to be their own; sad state of affairs, sad state of affairs.

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