The Nuts are Filling the Jar

The Nuts are Filling the Jar

A Sumo wrestler(?) or just an obese man in a diaper, don’t know, but he’s wanting to wrestle everyone from the governor to presidential candidates. A wannabe guard, threatening to kill cops and Fed’s, he was pulled over because he seemed to be impaired. He said if they incarcerated him, then when he got out, he would kill them all; meaning federal agents and police officers, but what if the innocent cross his path.
A friend asked me yesterday how I felt about the federal building’s in central Oregon being taken over, I told him that as long as it’s to defend the Constitution, and to stand against Eminent Domain, and done respectfully with those losing their land in mind as they stated in the beginning; then I’m for it, as long as it’s done respectfully.
Well that was yesterday, and, yesterdays gone. Today, let’s see if the group is going to shine up a little; but the wrestler and wannabe guard, they’re connected or want to be connected to the occupation of the federal building’s in central Oregon.
People these days, no matter what side they may be on, they have a hard time understanding what respect is, what respect means; even how to show that they have respect for anything. Can drive that thought home all day long, but if people don’t want to see or understand; then we might as well leave the thought at the curb, Lord knows the thought won’t be alone….
Mr Trump stepped on his tongue the other day when talking about his followers, how they would still be there behind him if he just simply shot someone. That bothered me, just like the two “adult men” in central Oregon, with whatever they think they are in their own minds; but having followers that might follow someone that just randomly shoots someone, um no!
Doubt if Mr Trump would shoot someone, but respect makes a person think, rich, powerful and in control of a powerful military with a big ego to match; if I am going to vote for someone, or support a cause, then they had better show both stability and respect from the get go. I can say honestly, both Mr Trump and the two fools in central Oregon showed very little if any respect; like I said before, we need another George Washington.
People are no different, looking back, from Watts to prison riots, from the Occupiers to storm relief; those times represent disastrous and despicable reactions, or political gain, or public neglect. One thing is for sure, on a bigger societal scale; those actions never represent an honest respect for any condition of life, freedom or property.
Oh, but it’s no different than the Boston Tea Party, geez, think again; the times then were far more tumultuous then they are now, over taxation, dictatorship government power at the helm, all coming from overseas; yet the Boston Tea Party was still more dignified than say, Watts. But we are headed that way again, and, there won’t be any ships to jump on to sail us away to a new land; nor should there be because we no longer care about dignity and respect when attached to our country.
We care about the political parties that we blindly follow, but we don’t care about socialism or progressivism. We care about what we can get for free, but we don’t care about the size of our government and it’s grubby greedy hand or what the Free Ride cost our neighbor that’s working and struggling because of a bad economy.
Everyday television commercials show us what we are, we can’t coil a garden hose, we can’t open a can of soup, we need all kinds of security gadgets, we need cars that tell us when to put on the breaks; all like we’re stupid inept human beings that are unable to do anything while being healthy and able; and that includes protecting our families, land and country.
Why? Because the citizenry has become lazy, or dumbed down in the values and abilities that every American possesses; and don’t forget the fears that people live in these days. But it’s all brought on and natured by the citizenry, and we can’t see or understand what’s going on; something’s wrong with society these days.
Well, people had better get a grip on life and the value of life soon; and they had better expect better not only from the government and society, but themselves when they do.
Don’t look at this as spreading fear, or the survivalist mentalities, you’d be making a big mistake. It’s simply telling the public at large that there is a problem in this country, it needs the attention of every American, not the following type of attention, but logical thoughtful attention; that looks at all aspects of the American life. Just sitting back wishing for world peace so that we can live easy, buy more while we do less; well that won’t get it done.
If we as citizens keep allowing the professional politicians to run [Our] government, if we continue to let wayward thinking and political orientated groups dictate our actions, if we keep attaching rudeness and arrogance to our lives while calling them respect and dignity; then we will always have trouble on the horizon. We have the chance to do it peacefully now, with respect, dignity, and honor to the Constitution; but by our actions today, who knows what future holds.

This just in:
In addition, because it fits; and just hit the news.
There has been a shootout in the central Oregon town, they gave no particulars, like who shot first. At least one of the leaders of the occupation was arrested and taken away. Someone was taken by life flight to a hospital, but no particulars were given.

And a child in school, was taken out, by child services; when they got the child’s brother, they found out they got the wrong child. Child Services and the school district both said it was human error. Remember that the next time you truly do something accidentally, end up in court or whatever, oh sir, it was just human error.

Don’t be quick to believe what you see on the news, real news has a way coming to the truth if given time; and if the news reporter and station believe in getting at and reporting the truth; but then this is a popularity driven world with the attention span of a day or two.

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