Country Rain

Country rain

The falling rain, tapping the roof vents, calming the morning hour;
Morning coffee, the fire lit inside, warming the timber walls;
Outside the window, the dog wood stands, last years leaves a flutter;
A winter robin, feathers fluffed, fending off the cold season;
The old barn, Stormfly’s restful home, top of the Dutch door a flapping;
Gaze out at the noise, Stormfly pokes her head out, one nostril at a time;
A fine horse, old in the years, but plenty of heart;
Named her Stormfly when I was still sprouting, best friend I got;
She never shied away from the rain, nor snow, but she’s always loved the sun;
Seems like lately, Stormfly’s a fair weather lady, she’s earned the right;
Grab the mule ears, pull the mud pipes up, slide my top knot under my Stetson;
Head out to the barn, save Stormfly from the roofs last drop of rain;
How ya doing girl, God sure blessed me with you, you’re sure a piece finery aren’t you;
Stormfly nuzzles my cheek, always done that, the girls got a deep soul;
Always have a stray carrot for her, carrots that never make their way into the stew;
Shut and latch the top half of the Dutch door, check Stormfly’s feed;
Here ya go Sweetheart, a capote made for you, gotta keep my girl warm;
Give her another carrot, she tilts her head down in front of mine;
Kiss her on the red diamond, brush her bangs with my fingers;
I love you girl, I’ll be back soon, Stormfly, you stay warm;
Lift my collar up under my brim, give Stormfly a wink, go back to the house;
Where you been Darlin, you got up early, the coffees good, right kind of day for coffee;
Just out visiting with the other, most beautiful Lady, that I have been blessed with;
I could almost swear, when I winked at her just now, that she winked back;
Darlin, I can say that I too love to see you wink in my direction;
Well Punkin, I say, as I fill my trusty mug with another cup;
What’s ya say, we go sit and watch, the country rain;
Take her hand and ask, Punkin, have I told you Good Morning I Love You yet;
Because I do, it’s always a right kind of day for coffee, and to sit with you.


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