So You’re Ahead in the Standings

So you are ahead in the standings
An Open letter to Mr. Trump, and the rest.

As of this moment you are simply a celebrity/businessman, not even a nominee for the running for president as of yet; therefore I must categorize you as an American wanting to help an otherwise suffering country that by all rights deserves an honest to the bone candidate; that believes in the Constitution and what it stands for.
If on the other hand, you are false in your words, know that the public has seen the Progressive movement expanding in America for the last three or four presidents, We The People can’t handle any more of such a movement; we have lost way too many common to all American freedom’s.
In the past years of this administration, the citizenship has paid for far too many vacations, but, that is the least of the expenses the citizenship paid for; obesity of our government is way to costly, along with the uncertainty that is inherent in that obesity. If you are going to be the same as this administration, signing executive order after executive order, with partial or no transparency; then you will be no better than what we have now.
Right now, the citizenship, no matter their political choice will be feeling the aftermath of this administration for years and decade’s to come. But what I fear most is the cost the citizenship will have to shoulder, the next fear would be the lack of true American Freedoms that we are encompassed with today, I fear that lack will reach totality in the near future; at that point the citizenship will not like what they alone have allowed their government and country to become. So if your not for the people, the country, or the Constitution; then bow out now, don’t waste our time. Most importantly, don’t waste the future America for those that have yet to be born.
We need another George Washington in office, are you that person that can fill those shoes? Well are you, are any of you running for the office of President that person?
The general public is not stupid, the general public is aware, but their is far too much apathy in this country, too much complacency in this country; and past or current politicians from the oval office down have to shoulder a good portion of building our apathetic complacent society.
A Word to the public, the public shares a good portion of guilt also, it’s a logical thought that the general public knows the difference between good and bad, the difference between the truth and a lie; so stop accepting the ilk following politicians, and political parties. This is your land, this is your country, to make this country a travesty by allowing the obesity of our government to strip away any remembrance of what America, what Americans were destined to be; a strong free country that will fearlessly protect that sanctity of what the founding Fathers built for all future generations to enjoy. That would be way beyond tragic, and you the people know and understand what we all face if we don’t take the American way of life serious now; it truly would be a future beyond tragic.
We have all heard the lies, we have all seen the governmental manipulation of our American life, we have all seen the greed and lust for power to fulfill personal political agendas and such actions are all too common these day’s in the White House. The government, like the White House belongs to the American citizens; are you going to respect that fact of the American way?
If not, you’re no better then the rest, then it’s simple; bow out now. Because the last thing America needs in the Oval Office, is another half baked progressive politician.

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