Try this on for Size

Try this on for Size

All the World Peace advocates, or fanatics; they should all try defending their own little or internal world of peace. Maybe then they will understand that peace in any form is never free, Peace always comes with a Price.
Yep, try to protect your own world peace, all the World peace fanatics will find its more than just shallow belief that’s needed as ya just can’t throw out a few words, there’s an investment needed. With so many people in this dazed and confused world it’s not that hard to see some agenda playing out or being formed; the question should be, just how good is the agenda, and is it really valuable to anyone trying to attain peace in their live’s or in the world.
This world is no where’s near world peace, if anything it’s headed to even more chaos, call it what you want, Armageddon, World War THREE, the beginning of Revelations; it all comes down to chaos no matter which way you look at it. That should never mean that any or all persons can’t hope and pray for peace, but world or country peace has always been a stretch; the idea reminds me of the Rolling Stones concert where they hired the Hells Angeles for crowd control, didn’t work then.
That makes me think, those that got lost in the ’60’s’, and those that are still lost today, I have to ask how much money those people have spent through the years on drugs to escape their depression over the lack of world peace, or even the lack of peace in their own lives. Hmm, what that money could have done, better equipment for schools, or maybe helping the homeless, but no; the money went to more drugs or funding the progressives in their movements. Who knows, one thing is for sure; someone made money off someone elses gullibility or fear.
But then they do bring the lack of peace onto themselves, stealing from someone to pay for their escape will never produce peace. Taking another person’s freedoms away in the name of peace will never produce peace. A backside full of laws will never produce peace. And a hippie loving progressive dupe looking down on someone because they own guns will never produce peace, nor will a progressive or dictatorship style government produce peace; and progressivism is not all that far from a dictatorship type of government. And people like the above, they’re good at throwing out the words, their just not all that understanding of the word’s true meanings; it’s a whole lot easier to spout the words than to invest honestly in the words.
If the investment isn’t clearly made without any hallucinate’s of any kind in a person’s life, then how will they understand what true peace is; furthermore, how are they going to help enact the elusive illusion of world peace. It was an illusion in 1969, it’s an illusion now, just like back then, a Love-In today would be the same useless act as it was then; it would be 100% view of a fad to follow with only 10% going to a cure for the Worlds ills.
Today, it was announced that the fire chief, in that central Oregon town turned in his resignation, he didn’t want to work for a government that is overly willing to steal private land from the owner by eminent domain, he’s getting the picture; might have taken him awhile but he’s getting it. He has now joined the group that stands for freedom and in that freedom, constitutional as it is; is where peace is found. Any reader here has to know that, the first real rebels or dissidents of government in this country, were those that fought and died for this country; and they were the ones that penned the Constitution that progressives want to obliterate; and in their blind following the progressives fail to understand what will happen if they do. Tell you this, if they do; their actions won’t bring world or country wide Peace and Love.
World Peace, wonder how God feels about the inhabitants of earth wanting world peace a few times or less a year, while for the rest of the year they sit back abusing and neglecting the internal peace and freedoms of those around them; bet he is real happy with humanity, we’ll show him and the world our worth when it comes to attaining world or internal peace. Oh yeah, we aren’t supposed to believe in God, that’s right, God is a religion; yeah, that would be a waste of time and wonder wouldn’t it.
Before abusing this world by shoving progressive notions down humanity’s gullible throat, try defending your own peace, try understanding the meaning and value of your own peace. But know that World Peace has always been a stretch at best, because as many as there are in this world that want your peace taken away through political views and groups of faulty fad filled agendas, there are those that in a progressive town, state or country that want your last freedom. Good luck, if they win, try to find world peace then.

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