Taking Ownership

Taking Ownership

The streets are ours, not mine but ours, not yours but ours. It seems so hard for people to understand that; the streets are ours. We should all be able to move about freely from our homes, to work, to the store, as free as we feel when we go to the fridge to get a soda.
But because we have a society that’s mixed with fear and recklessness, the common respectable citizen is more and more staying in the comfort and safety of their homes; rather than getting out and living.
When someone that never cares what he or she does, who they hurt or kill, and they do go out and do just that; the public answers the call, not with the guts to speak out or for defending their respectful freedoms; but to ask for more laws to be enacted, more of their own freedoms lost.
The public needs to understand, our obese government is more than willing to pass the laws, our government is glutinous, it wants to get more obese, that obesity equates to ridiculously unneeded power and money spent.
The common respectful citizen, admit or not, on the streets; they walk, drive, breathe, and live in some degree of fear. Fear of being accosted, fear of having to deal with an out of control junkie, fear of being a victim of a car jacker. And it’s all because the common citizen gave up their streets to the dysfunctional side of life, to put in the proper light; the common respectable citizen has put their Faith in humanity in the hands of political misfits and criminals.
People shouldn’t have to worry about their children all the time, especially if they are in their own yards, but more and more, people are seeing the stress of worry surpass their incomes; and honestly, the Insanity today that cause such fear and worry is their own fault for their reliance on more useless laws, and a lack of guts to demand better from society.
No one should have to worry about living, but we have the likes the current heads of the country and administration and his wife that want to attack the obesity of children and adults, while at the same time they never attack the obese governmental intrusions in the respectful common citizens life. Those intrusions into every citizens peaceful lives, cost the public a portion of their daily incomes, and for what; more and more worry, and at times deadly outcomes without forgetting a huge lack of freedom.
The land, no matter where you go, you see federal land; this is a news flash for some, but you own that land. But to look at it in today’s view, the government owns that federal or public land, under the guidance and management of people with greed and power in mind, or the save the earth mentality. It’s the American citizens land, if you lose it, it will be because the American citizens didn’t tend to their land better; by not allowing human damage of any kind, right down to the global warming garbage.
The cost of the damage from Chemtrails will someday be placed on the backs of the common citizens, rightfully so because the public at large didn’t take the time to understand what’s going on in their wild blue yonder; nor did they try to understand the difference between a chemtrail and contrails, but the over paid bureaucrats and governments around the world have and they not only allow the devastation, but they, like the people behind the scenes, they profit from global warming.
Respecting the land simply means that what you take in you take out, do you really need a law or a locked gate to tell you what respecting the land means; if so, I wouldn’t want to use your bathroom or eat off your dishes.
Right now, there are people in Oregon protecting the use of public and federal lands, they know how it works, people pay the taxes so that the government can function, not to take private citizens land by the ungodly act of eminent domain, the land of the private citizens; It’s all public lands that they (the men and women in the central Oregon town) are trying to protect for you and your freedoms.
But the town had a meeting, the chief of police spoke, but the conversation showed more that he and the local government knew what was going on for years and allowed it to go on; now he is and the town are telling the defender’s of freedom to leave the state, it’s no real big thought as to why is it. No that’s not a question, because you know the answer. And to ponder the total cost involved in the lies and acquisition of private land so that the common citizen can’t use what they pay for, by allowing such action, yes no matter where we live; we have shamed ourselves by the allowance of eminent domain.
Local, state and federal governmenets, and a good portion of the country make money off crime, global warming, and the public’s gullibility; not to forget public complacency and silence. Why do they do it? Because they can!
Face it, the public will worry, cut back, starve, cry in their beer, move in with family, and run up their credit cards to bankruptcy before they take the time to truly understand where their last dollar is going. The public at large simply can’t say NO MORE abuse of my income, by the government or by some yuppie, it don’t matter; the public just can’t say the two little words even if they truly want their freedoms and incomes to stay intact, NO MORE!
The lottery is at 1.5 billion dollars, it’s been said that people don’t know the system behind the money, it’s true that we really don’t. But if someone wins a part of the lottery, it’s a fair thought that it will be money tossed to the wind like bread to the pigeon’s in the park. But the truth is, is that the public at large are doing the same tossing away with their freedoms, and their rights, and in truth we all know that the America society is doing just that. It’s a voting year, sure enough, but the tossing goes on no matter the time of year it is; and the powers to be love that, but tell the truth, your wallet doesn’t like the throwaway government and society.
Yes, with the silence and complacency that rules society, the American public shames itself constantly by its willingness to stay ignorant of the abuses that cost them so much; the worst shame comes in their too often seen silence.
If we don’t want to understand how to rebuild an engine or to repair our homes, then that’s fine and good, it’s good for the economy and to keep people working. But in failing to take ownership in our country, then think, there are a good deal of countries out there that would love to take ownership of this society of ours; through this so far progressive government and society, and they may just get the chance. It would truly be a violent view of another brand of eminent domain.
It might just be a good time to see the best that America has, but I have to say, I don’t feel like putting my share in the hands of the silent followers of today’s dysfunctionary view of normal.

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