Wham Boom

It’s not like opening a door and Wham Boom, something Good fills your eyes.

The elves aren’t in the house, come to think of it, I’ve never seen the elves that so many have wished for, to clean and fix things when we sleep. I can tell you though, I am the only oversized elf that cleans and fixes things in this home and shop, nope, no elves; just me.
Yeah, thats true about anything isn’t it, including this wayward culture of ours, we won’t see a bunch of elves running through this American culture fixing the mess we are in. Too long in the making to begin fixing anything now, we would be better off, building a new, based on the old; America and Americans weren’t always as broken as they are now.
MADD, Mothers Against the Drunk (or stoned) and Disorderly, now they have to worry about legalised pot-heads, and in some cities, they allow cyclists to run red lights; stupid huh, especially when in one town a potted up female was killed while riding her bicycle through town.
It’s always a good thought if some people use their brains, but it would be a better thought if all Americans used theirs. Sure is hard to look at the news anymore, thinking that at any minute, we will see some Hollywood action hero or villain run across the screen; leaves a person to think: Who really cares if art imitates life or not, ya just want the ball of insanity to stop rolling.
It takes a lot to wake up society, history books are full of ignored wake up calls, it’s almost a contented dream land, or like trying to awaken a drunk after a week long binge after falling off the old buck-board; in the thought of history, it’s almost futile and deadly.
On the news, another wake up call, a red flag, and from our industrious or illustrious president no less, however lacking. No one that I know of that saw and heard him said a word, his words flew past the newscasters and viewers like an east wind coming down the gorge; a chilly and biting wind. What he said was: I’m going to push everything through that I can before I leave office, because I have the authority. And to think people voted for him, not once, but twice; does anyone really know or care what he is pushing through before he leaves office? The public hasn’t had a clue throughout the past eight or so years what he has been doing behind closed doors. Can’t count on it, but I sure hope congress is on it’s feet when he tries to dismantle America further, but, I am sure the history books will bear out the fact that citizen denial will always precede blatant disregard and chaos.
As they used to say, thinking of his words, If that don’t move ya, nothing will, your just going to die in your tracks. Sad state of affairs if you ask me, that all the true blooded Americans will someday have to suffer and pay because of the thoughtless actions of the weak and following politically correct progressive movement. But then, who’s asking me, guess I’m just writing what I think.
The thing is, we can get all upset when someone passes gas or burps unexpectedly, or seeing some portly guy or gal that’s reaching for something high on a shelf at a grocery store, showing a part of their belly; we might even say something, under our breath or aloud. But I’ll be, we can’t talk about what’s important in our daily lives; there’s an imbalance in that.
But what happens when the strong of our country just finally gives in, simply says that they no longer care, blow up the world and have done with it; because of the spineless silent majority; what’s going to happen then?
In truth, they will say that there was a day that they let their voice be heard but they got tired of talking; so if your hurting now, well, you didn’t wanna take things serious then, so ya just took the caring out of me.
Good God, that will be sad day, and I hope I never have to speak those words to someone.
Till then, just know there’s no elves going to fix this country, no elves to whisper common sense wisdom into our ears and minds while we sleep, and no elves to wipe away the tears when we open the door and we see the reality of our silence and complacent take on American values that have now been Erased from our lives.
Nope, no elves, just us; we are the hope for the future, kinda spooky wouldn’t ya say.
I did have to chuckle though, in the “Keep Portland Weird” town of liberal abuse and neglect of reality, the pot stores are going to start charging the proposed tax on their goods. The pot loving public has been buying up their 7oz a day allotment for days and weeks to avoid the paying of the tax. The funny thing, a portion of the tax goes to more police, now in the good old days, America had less SWAT style police officers, and less obtrusive actions towards innocent people’s lives. Go figure, now the potheads are paying for the police, sure makes the thinking mind wonder, lazy thinking people due to indulgence in their now legal Wacky Backy, and their tax; and, a president that’s going to push all kinds of things through before he leaves office, all because he has the authority. Might wanna ask though, what kind of clown or clowns gave him that kind of authority.
Everyone thought the hippies were Kool, well now we are seeing their brand of cool, what a world, legalized dysfunction.
Think I will keep the door closed for awhile.

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