Tired of Being Strong

Tired of being Strong

After a little over six decades, that’s a little better than half a century, I’m tired of being the strong one.
It’s been that way for more years than I can remember, always giving life the good honorable fight. To be honest, I am so sick of the fight; when so many around me should have stood up and been counted, I was the only one standing. If for what I may have said or done, and we won, I shared the glory to the point of my not taking any; mainly, because I don’t need the glory.
One thing I have learned through the years, those that fight alongside you, aren’t always your friends, they aren’t from the enemy side; but they aren’t your friends, because there is no bond made of true friendship. Guess I was just born at the wrong time, because honor don’t mean Jack these day’s, it’s what someone can do for you that counts more than honor.
Well KMA, I will pick my battles better, and if they don’t fill everyone’s meter, well, life’s tough; so, buck up or lay down and become a soft spot in the road.
A woman that took me to court and lost gave me a hug almost two years after she took me to court, because I was strong, stood up to someone when no one else would. Anyone want to guess how meaningless that hug was to me?
This societal movement, that is so far left that the followers don’t even know where center is anymore, they are causing the confusion that so many feel these days. We all know that peace and solitude in our personal lives is important and should be protected, sending the kids to their rooms and turning off the television works in our private lives; at that point we can take a peaceful breath, just sit back a take in some peaceful breathing moments.
But outside the home, it never works that way; does it. The societal balance has been tilted so far to the left that society holds very little respect for life and the meaning of life. Anyone else see that, people don’t respect what they get in life, so much so that they can’t respect the honest love that comes their way. It’s like the bulk of followers of the save the world mentality has lost the meaning of what they are following or even why they are following; all the while, they are watching their society crumble while they do nothing. Nothing but allow the dangerous side of the progressivism movement to expand and manipulate this country; into something it was never meant to be.
Not understandable, think again, everyone on this American soil knows what’s going on in this country. The birth givers of today’s progressive movement, were the hippies; they swallowed up the Peace and Love garbage then began controlling in the business world and politics; and while they were marketing more laws because they didn’t want to protect what they have, they made pot legal. It seems like the world they were living in, and the world they were creating; were both just a little too violent for them. But, the hippies are followers, not leaders, and no one every really knew who was leading them; it is, more and more, becoming apparent that the leader of the progressive and liberal movement’s was never a hippie.
The laws took the freedom away the common citizen, still allowed the ilk of life to move at a greater pace, and with the pot; we have a society that can’t tell if their afoot or horseback. But, in their actions, all their worthless idioms and catch phrases, they have taken the fight out of the heart of society; without that fight, society in its lack of understanding because they rely on the media spin, they can’t tell if they are in true peril or not. That’s like not knowing what a bandage is after you’ve been cut to the bone.
You know, there’s tough and then there’s tough, so many today talk a good game, then they hide when they see the bumps in the road; leaving the bump clearing to the real tough people. Then after, when standing on the smooth road, the ones that talk a good game; they stand up and say, “we” did that. For me, they can take that “we” and the mouse in their pocket and go home.
You can do all the fist to cuff stuff you want, beat yourselves bloody black and blue for all I care, stay in the ring till your the last man standing and wobbling; but it won’t make a bit of difference untill you’re understanding of life, the value of freedom in life, and all that’s worth fighting for. Till that point you’re loud and obnoxious, or your someone’s paid entertainment; kind of reminds a thinking person of a politician don’t it.
For the future generations, just my humble opinion, let’s throw our votes in the right direction; and re-elect George Washington for president, give the strong wannabes something to emulate. But then, if I were him, I would find it hard to come back from the grave to save this country, I would probably figure I gave enough. And to be honest, I wouldn’t blame him for not wanting to; so it kinda leaves the mess up to the common citizen’s to clean up their own mess; stop following and start rebuilding this country, one family at a time, society will be better off then.

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