The Dark Side of Christmas

The Dark Side of Christmas

I should say, the dark weeks of time after Christmas, because Christmas is actually a pleasant experience; just the smiles alone makes Christmas a good experience.
You survive the table of food at the office, and the Thanksgiving dinner, you’re being so careful not to over do the eating. You succeed, your so very proud of yourself, telling everyone about the One plate of food that you had with the family; and how you made it through the office snack trays, only eating a couple of someone’s homemade cookies. You were so good!
You feel good about yourself, with all the holiday activities, you haven’t even exercised, and you stayed at the same weight; not gaining a pound. But something happens between Thanksgiving and Christmas, oh, very unseen and it seems to sneak up on you. Your talking to someone, one cookie, then two, then three cookies; but no cake, your being good.
You think, I will save the eating for the major meals; that’s it, that’s what I am going to do. It’s sounds logical, all that protein rich meat, yams, squash, and the green beans; boy-howdy, that’s healthy stuff.
Then someone says, these green beans are sure sweet, the person that cooked them says, yeah, I cooked them in a mix of butter and brown sugar, kind of gives you that caramelized flavor don’t it. Then you think, the yams were so tasty, you ask, then you feel bad but you don’t show it; that would be rude. Yes, more brown sugar, your justification bone has been tapped; at least it wasn’t refined sugar that I just consumed, a bunch of.
Well at least you didn’t smother those mashed potatoes with gravy, they taste so good that you didn’t even put butter on them, I will stay healthy and on track with the spuds; but for you they have this taste of Tuscany, so you ask; big mistake, you just have to ask. The cook says, well, put a cube of butter in, I don’t like cooking with 2% milk so I used whole milk, and there’s some garlic and onion. The garlic and onion might save something you think, but whole milk and a bunch of butter; and all those carbs, but they are good.
Someone says, how about some cake or pie? Oh man, homemade cake or pie, your feeling guilty to your diet, but you don’t want to offend anyone, so you say it, they just roll off your tongue, you say; just a sliver, of each, but no ice cream.
For some reason you’ve forgotten about the ham all glazed over, Turkey and all that rich flavorful dressing, not stove top, but cooked inside the bird, and that roast that cooked for a day and a half with the perfect marbled fat layers when picked out to cook up and serve; all the juicy flavor that just soaked into the bakers and carrots, how could you forget that. Had to be the cake and the pie, but it was just a sliver of each.
Then it hits you, the obligation, it’s your house for New Years. People have been sending you home with so many tasty leftovers, your too nice to say no to your friends and relatives, so you take the food home and eat it, remembering all those starving people your mother used to tell you about; you eat it because you don’t dare throw the food out. But you know deep inside, the calories, the carbs, none of that changes just because the food is considered leftovers.
Just a week, it will be New Year’s, football, treats, dinner; and that pot luck grub that everyone will bring in those throw away containers that the guest never take home when they leave. The day is over, everyone is gone, you grab the leftovers and head towards the fridge, it’s ridiculously full, you think, I can freeze it, you look, you already had that thought, ah, more good food that’s not on my diet for the next two weeks; leftovers for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Your stomach hurts with the thought, the newscaster on the television says as if to add to your misery, Americans are addicted to sugar, you say to yourself; gee, do ya think. But you know it’s all holiday food, some of the food I didn’t even buy, but I can’t give it back, and because it’s been cooked and now incomplete like that half of a pie, or that third of a triple layer chocolate cake with the berry filling and thick rich icing, I can’t even give that to a homeless shelter.
Whew, it’s going to be a bad month, then you walk in and turn on the movie that you were watching before everyone came over, you see them, they are right by the DVD player, right where you left them. Maybe they were left there as a deep reminder of your wish to stay away from the feast of winter, they are right there nagging at you, they are saying: you did it didn’t you! The voice is loud, and you can’t ignore the voice; even though you know the voice is coming from your head via your stomach.
What do you see by your DVD player, yeah your eyes like the memory of the last time used the DVD’s, there they are, in all their splendor; your Yoga and Pilates disc saying, put us in because we miss you.
You pause, you think, shut up, your not exercise DVD’s, your Punisher Five, I’m going to bed; good night!!!

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