So, just who is Radical today?

So, just who is Radical today?

People can’t answer that these day’s, not the common citizen anyway; this and other countries are so confused about the condition of what’s going on. In this country they want to follow the Constitution, but like an old LP record, the liberalism movement, for which at the heart of the liberalist movement beats the heart of progressivism (once called communism); they have literally warped the true meaning of the American Constitution.
To put it bluntly, the American Constitution was formed to Protect Americans first; that’s first, and then the world. Should we thank the politically correct citizens, and our wishy washy politicians for what we are seeing today in our country; in no w a y should we thank them! And in no w a y should we thank the citizenry!
Thank them for what, the loss freedoms, the pending importation of “religious” chaos; no, we should never thank them for what’s coming our way; that would be like your family thanking some knife holder filled with angst for stabbing you to death. If anyone thinks we should thank the above, then let them move to gangland, they must enjoy the chaos, gives them a chance to save souls I guess.
They have both let America and all that it stands for down, wrap your mind around that thought now, because sooner or later; you will have to see the face of what we have become. It’s a sad day today in the sand lot, so many buried heads with no place for the children to play.
So, if anyone has ignored everything till now, maybe it’s time to just eat what you can get your hands on, and then lay back and bark at the moon; because it’s all about to get real.
As far as radical, Trump is said to be radical, not that I am a big fan of him, but at least he has the brass to stand for something more than simply giving our country and its God given rights away because we don’t want to “offend” anyone including the outsiders or terrorist.
The president wants to jam things we don’t even know anything about down our throats, through executive order, because he says he has the authority to do so, and our congressional representatives of all of our states may just let him do so because they have, through the years become money driven spineless dupes.
So who’s radical these day’s?
The politicians, the citizenry, the refugees, who, spell it out for me because apparently I don’t understand. I also don’t understand what the future holds for my children and grandchildren, what they are going to have to face; not only from the citizenry, but from any military presence.
Oh, I know, it’s a conspiracy theory, maybe it’s that we are seeing the face of El Nino (which by the way means The Christ Child in 19th century Spanish), geez, swallow whatever goes down the easiest, sooner or later, we will be playing with the big mean boys; and we had better have our heads on straight, and we had better be just as tough. To that point, we had better expect our elected officials and representatives to act accordingly with the Constitution and America in mind; but if anyone is going to Clintonize the show just to have a woman in the oval office; then remember the blue dress and the lies they both have told through the years.
It’s not radical to tell the truth of what we are seeing, from the chemies to terrorism, it’s just not radical to tell the truth about what we are seeing happen to this country; but it’s downright stupid if not asinine to ignore what’s going on in this country because it brings down the mood. Frankly, thinking of all those that have died supporting, defending, and building this country; such selfish actions by today’s citizenry are un-American.
Figure it out, this country is not in the Rose Bowl going for the gold and diamond studded ring, we will soon understand that we are in a fight to defend a country that so many people from the Revolution to this very day died for, both men and women have died for what so many have taken for granted these days; they didn’t die for us to give it away through fear or complacency, it’s time for John Q Public to grow up and man up, well, make that long past time.

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