Rocking Chair Dance

Rocking Chair Dance

We reeled in the beauty of a foggy morning walk, such a beautiful pleasure, to stroll the sands of time with you.
Everyone has dreams, in their soul heart and mind, everyone has dreams. A log home in the mountains, our dreams together were more beautiful than the reality of this earth offered, but those dreams lent power to our driving wheel.
Our dreams had a front porch, and it had a rear deck, the porch is welcoming and warm, the rear deck filled with bonsai, an expanse of scenic sunsets at night, our own private theater.
Maybe we wanted more than life has to give, but then, people would say we didn’t dream strong enough. In our peaceful state of mind, maybe that’s true, the minimalist manner our code of life, we didn’t need every gadget, but we did need each other.
What we gave up in our lives while placing our dreams towards the back burner to remain the dream, but that was our nature, help others at our own cost, not the cost of others. Maybe we gave up our dreams, but we didn’t give up our souls, feeding our dreams at any cost was not our way, but then we believed love was a much brighter home when shared together, we both believed we could share a cardboard box well.
A cardboard box, a degrading thought to some, living in a cardboard home, in a cardboard city. We never had to test the thought, but it drove us to a depth of love that few see in their lives, the commitment of love; nothing more beautiful.

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