Keeping Track of the Insanity

Keeping track of the Insanity

I check in on several places on the west coast, like Portland Oregon, because it’s where I grew up. The other places are where my children live, or where friends live; and then, the nation. As far as outside the country, I care just enough to know what’s coming our way, hoping regularly that other countries are somehow praying for peace and well-being of all the inhabitants of that country; that’s because I know that I can’t save the world.
While checking in on Portland, they are Keeping Portland Weird alright, it used to be such a respectable place to live and to grow up in. Now, I’m glad I don’t live there, it’s so out of hand compared to what it was.
But, I guess for the morons of the world this would be good, some may say I’m being prudish or insensitive, but this is not good in my eye’s. The mass transit system there runs the MAX line, and this weekend, it’s No Pants Day! Isn’t that special, for males and females, who the hell thought this up, I can see all the hormone raged boys flocking to the MAX line, they don’t care where they are headed, but they are flocking there while taking their sneaky shots and selfies with their new phones they got for Christmas; the worst part is that no parents have spoken out against the show.
That makes me think, that guy in eastern Oregon that wants the people that are defending the ranchers that are losing their land, I should call that guy, see if he wants to get away from the truth for awhile and take a ride on the MAX line; he might just say yes and bring his camera.
I tell ya, the actions of this country’s inhabitants should be making everyone turn from democrat to republican; liberal to conservative. How much trash does this society need to wallow in, it’s waist deep now and no one is complaining; let it turn to quick sand, sinking from waist deep to the neck deep in quick sand can go in a heartbeat. At that point you will know your in trouble, all you can do is yell, hope and pray; but we are talking about societal actions, not quick sand.
Those societal actions have been nurtured and nurtured and nurtured for decades, by people that don’t care, or they just follow a faulty agenda, or they’re purely despicable. I am certain that there are parent’s and maybe even grandparents that will take some youngsters for a ride on the No Pants Max, just to see, or to oogle & ah at the spectacle of “cool”dom.
See in Kooldom, it’s not Kool, if everyone’s doing it; whatever [it] is. Oh, the sad fact of life, it’s hard to be Kool. So just because a group of people, no matter if it’s a charity, a fundraiser of some sort, if that group decides that going pantless on some mass transit system, or running naked in the streets like wingless j-birds; well it’s just not Kool when society jumps in and follows.
Do I feel prudish for speaking out against such actions? In no way do I feel prudish!
In the very early seventies, the tail end of the hippie popularity, I saw more public nudity on the streets of San Francisco than I care to remember, right down to people having sex in cars at night with the car doors open and the dome light on. Do I feel prudish, no, I’m just tired of this garbage munching society. Today’s societal actions makes for a poor diet, especially when it comes to the soul.
Am I the only one that feels that way, I really don’t know, at times it seems like I am though. And that’s a harsh feeling at times, picture a world filled with chaos, would anyone reading this want to be the only one standing against what they see.
I keep thinking in that light, all the ban cigarettes crowd, all the ban guns crowd, all the global warming believer crowd, all the atheist and agnostic crowd; all those groups of people use the same tired old adage, they don’t want anyone’s belief shoved down their throats. Well here’s a news flash for ya, I don’t need the trash of society in my life.
But everyone knows, that the Kardashian kiddos started a clothing line called Cake, they will make it big because popularity and “cool-dom” counts more than dignity, but I am glad I am me still. I will not make any form of insanity richer or more popular, just don’t need to be a party to the popular crowd, always thought it was a mindless activity to follow the In Crowd; most often, if it wasn’t a waste of time and money, the following would someday cause ya trouble.
So, society, follow on, but most importantly; get ready… The insanity everyone allows today, will cost everyone down the line, just look at it as, one of those tomorrows that we will deal with it then. Yeah!
The path to a cure for the mess we all are living is long, but the cure is simple; stop acting like everything is normal healthy and good, because in your heart you know; it’s not.

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