Gun Control, or is it Simply Just Control?

Gun Control, or is it simply just Control?

Control comes in many guises, Control, I have to smile at those that wish for, push for, or want gun control. For years, as far back as the mid 1960’s, people have been pushing for control of the objects that don’t do anything unless touched by humans; but don’t mistake my smiling, I don’t find this subject funny, I find it to be a bit trite; for only the gullible find gun control to be a cure. So, what I am smiling at I would suppose; would be the Gullible and their illogical view of the real world and life.
Well, they still accept other idle items till human hands touch them, like roach clips, hypodermic needles, VW micro busses; oh and let’s not forget the bong. For the Gullible people, let’s let all those mean nasty people into our country, but, we will make everything right down to their toothpicks illegal; isn’t that wonderful, we just made the world safe. I’m so proud of myself that I could, well…. yeah, that would be a bunch of B.S. wouldn’t it.
The only way to look at gun control in its true nature, which is ineffective at best; is to look at the human touch, mainly because people just simply don’t care about much these day’s. Therefore, the only way to exact change for the betterment of all citizens around the globe is to understand what makes up the human landscape; in other words, start looking at the humans that pose a threat as the culprits that they are. Believe it or not, if anyone means you harm, they won’t care what their weapons of choice are; nor how legal or illegal those weapons of choice are.
Something should click in the minds of those reading this, a woman just ran through a well known town in her car, down sidewalks hitting people; people should remember that, it wasn’t that long ago. She did not care, she wanted to hurt people, her weapon of choice was a car; and in the courtroom, she showed no concern other than smug arrogance.
Leaving us with yet another moronic thought, Control people, you should see the equation here, if guns are controlled then humans are controlled, one step closer to dominance. Think of electric cars, whatever the reason, you have to get away, tsunami or whatever, you just can’t jump in the car and run; no gas station could ever be as slow as charging a car. But the greenies wants us all to convert, leaving the gas cars for the people that wish to harm the clumps of innocent people that they see, maybe; who knows. But it goes without saying that the elderly, disabled, and children are in those clumps of innocent people mentioned.
And now, we are selling our oil overseas, anyone care to ask why?
Come on liberals, you’ve been beating on candidates for decades if they even hinted that they might have stock in big oil, even if their stock is in the company that makes the bolts that hold gas pumps in the ground at your favorite gas station. The same insane notion as gun control. Hey liberals, it’s your president and congress that said it was okay to do so, what the vote was I don’t know, and I don’t care; because they never truly said or showed who was getting our oil. Those that hate us, now that might be a thought, given today’s political climate as more than oral sex has been going on in the oval office, and behind the closed doors of congress. One thing is for sure, the common person won’t see any residuals from the sales of our oil when sold overseas; we’d be lucky to see the cost of gas at the pump go down by say; fifty cents or a dollar.
But think about it, no gas, no guns, useless small electric cars that even if charged are still underpowered; where do you want to be when something happens, in the bathroom counting toilet paper squares?
This is not a conspiracy theory, it’s pure thought, like that ‘What If’ game.
But the fact is, is that there is a faction of the citizenry, and political correctness, and thoughtless greedy or power hungry people that are very willing to make American values and survival illegal. That includes the complacent silent majority that have been ignoring their responsibility in the game for decades, since sports are more important than life and living, look at the silent majority as major league players just standing there as the winning ball goes whizzing past; yeah they lost the game.
So citizens of the Land of the Free, the Home of the Brave, in this election year, are the votes going to be for the same old trash; or for the first time in a long time, will the votes be to save the country from the politically correct following progressive movement?
People are fond of saying that the future is yours, the ball is in your hands, in your court, at least there is one thing the non thinking public says that holds merit; they are right, the future is in your hands, but then, so is the blame.

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