Cruel Joke’s Are Not Funny!

Cruel Joke’s Are Not Funny

A man that went through a serious illness was made the face of a cruel internet joke, he said that it hurt; and no doubt that it did.
Look, one thing that is for sure in life, is that no one on this earth is perfect, not even those beauty queens, or the studs on those reality shows.
I had to deal with one woman years ago, arrogant, thought she was above anyone that came remotely near her, had no choice but to talk to her. Took care of the conversation that wasn’t about anything but honest conversation, it was done, wiping off the degradation she imposed on me; then I asked her: By the way, when’s the last beauty contest you won?
I was the one that was called rude, but I can live with that burden.
She was no beauty queen, even if she had all the trophies to prove that she was, she was no beauty queen; because for me, her arrogant attitude took that thought I might have had of her away.
To me, Mother Teresa is beautiful, one of the people that walked this earth that will always have enduring beauty; even if that beauty is only a memory now. It’s a sad sad state of being, when the body beautiful, is what constitutes the true beauty of humanity.
Illnesses have a way of distorting the physical shape of the human body, changing the surface of the skin, changing the performance of the person, it will change the gate of the once active person; in other words, illness will make marked irreversible changes in a person. But that will never mean that the victim of an illness hasn’t got a good message to pass on to humanity.
The guy above, he had a message about surviving an illness, but people in society made a joke of the guy, all over the internet. But if those people were the blunt of a joke, or a beating, or some other crime; they would head for the court, they would want someone to PAY!!!
Such jokesters never concern themselves with the feelings of other’s, they’re out for fun, and society laughs, passes the drivel on so that more laughter can be had; and some functioning moron says, that’s funny dude, where did you get that. At times, ya just wish that you owned the control box for sinkhole’s, hit that button letting the ground swallow up morons; just have to be careful that they didn’t hit the ground water.
Rude, I don’t really care if today’s society thinks I am being rude, because it’s truth that’s being spoken here, and if I am being rude; then what is the thoughtless acceptance of rude actions in society that brought this to light? It couldn’t be the rudeness of a thoughtless society, and the ilk filled actions that society breeds like rabbits these days; could it be, that? Yeah, it could be!
I may die off into obscurity, I don’t know, but I do know this, I don’t want to be remembered for being shallow minded, ignoring the bumps in the road while having the ability to shove people out of my path to make it smoother; most important, I don’t want to be remembered as the guy that made fun of people that honestly survived an illness that turned their lives upside down.
I can’t believe or accept that this is what true red blooded Americans want people from other countries to view us as, shallow minded opportunists; with a crude rude funny bone that slanders the survivors of illnesses, and that truly have a message to be heard.
But then it is a shallow world, a world that breeds war with the thought of peace, makes or scams money hand over fist and steps over the poor; then sugar coats life so that it taste better. Guess we can really look at society as a bowl of rice crispy critters, just swimming around in the milk all happy while we suck up the sugar; happy till the mouth of life tilts that bowl up and we just slide past that hangy down thing in the throat of some unearthly being with one eye and a horn for a chin.
If that’s what everyone wants, then I hope everyone’s happy, just don’t expect your happiness to last forever; if all you can do in your pitiful life is to make fun at the expense of someone else’s plight.

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