Can’t Run From It, So You Better Learn From It!

Can’t Run From It, So You’d Better Learn From It!

This is not anti-humanity, it’s not reinforcing bigotry; and it’s not a call for violence in this country or beyond. It’s also not about men, women, or children; of any age. But it involves men, women, and children of every age; and how valuable their lives and freedoms are in the lives that they live.
Poor babies of the adult world, if you don’t take today’s world of chaos seriously right now; it’s very difficult if not a struggle, to have sympathy for you. It’s too harsh to watch the news, Oh that is so sad that I can’t watch that, It’s so depressing; well, those words have been spoken by so many people these day’s. But those same people will turn the truth of what they are seeing off, then slide in some fictional move, filled with blood guts and killing; they will celebrate the heroes (some of society will celebrate the villain) then step outside like nothing but their own breathing is all that’s happening or matters in the world. People like that have to be beyond tipsy with the blindside of life.
In the news now, there are countries beyond ours that are calling to close borders to the refugees, after letting them in, after the trouble started in those countries. It’s always after the trouble starts, thought should only come before the trouble starts. Being compassionate in life is not a bad thing, but these days; compassion without understanding can kill you or your loved ones.
My first thought, has never been with the refugees of any country first, it’s always been with the wherever country’s citizenship and government first. An example would be, why didn’t the citizenry fight for their freedoms, their livelihood, their rights; before they were taken away? Or, what constitutes a government for the people by the people, and as long as America has been America and setting our citizen / governmental documents as examples of free life, but not our current governmental or presidential view as the example; then why are other countries, and now our own country, why are the country’s citizenship not protecting the lives and freedoms that they have better?
With this world in such a chaotic mess, us Americans have to ask one question, when we become the refugees, where are we going to run or boat off to?
To the camps confined within the razor wire, to Australia or greater Europe with their no guns allowed policies, how about the countries that are still run by dictators; nah we don’t have worry about that now, we have our government and plenty of time to build a better boat before we have to think about where we will have row our boats to in order to escape the wrath of our own ignorance, complacency; and in reality of personal loss, our own stupidity.
Are we really that willing to put our lives in the hands of people that are proven liers like the Clinton’s, or in a congress that finds it hard to find the balance of 2 + 2 = 4; or would it be better, to protect the reality our Forefathers knew to be when they penned that the citizenry is the government, plus the Constitution, equals an America that’s free and strong. With this society, they will follow the liberal / progressive movement till it hurts before learning the lesson, that lesson comes with a huge price tag, we only have one life to live here on earth, that life should be more valuable and taken more seriously than to blindly give it up to a faulty government or terrorism; brought to us by our own government, or by terrorists shipped in or already in our country as they are living and breathing in our lives as well as in our government officials. Ah, the thought that a portion of our / your citizenship voted the agenda fulfilling politicians into office; that’s nothing to be proud of; that’s for sure.
So yeah, it’s time for learning and understanding, if no one takes the time; then tooo bad, sooo sad. But ask yourself, do you really want to look at the next generation, or the generations that come after; and say too bad so sad, we didn’t want to protect, learn, or understand the value of our free lives; nor should you new and future Americans, just trust your government officials, they have your best interests at heart.
Can’t run from it, so, it’s time to be learning; because what you don’t know can . . .

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