Can’t Be Afraid

Can’t be Afraid

Not of the house that we all have built, that’s a given fact. Unless you’re under the voting age, everyone in this country has had a hand in the construction of all that we see in life, or on the news.
In central Oregon, some people that so far are peaceful, have occupied some federal building’s, basically in the middle of nowhere. They are there in support of some local ranchers, and, the rights that so much of America has taken for granted; including the Constitution. So unless they are pushed, they will stay peaceful, but pushing often times comes before public understanding.
No matter how the media spins the topic, and they will spin what’s happening, and it will be spun politically; but the one thing that gets me, is the use of the fear factor. A townsperson stated that he, a man in his sixties, was afraid of what could happen and that he wanted those people out of the area. If that same person was in the area at the time, he very well could have been in the same area when the Religious Cult took over the town of Antelope Oregon; I wonder if the man today was afraid to rock the boat back then in order to save his friends and family’s freedoms.
In the end, no one can be your mouthpiece but you, if you leave it up to someone else, something will be lost in translation; in other words you will never see 100% of your thoughts and feelings heard. In central Oregon, it’s about Eminent Domain, Federal Lands, and the takeover of Private Property. That’s what it’s about today, tomorrow when the spinning is spun, God only knows what the common citizens will hear and believe.
Face it, in life if you don’t use it, you will lose it; that goes for the Right to Free Speech, and the Right to Assemble for the common good of the people and the country. Just look at the countries around the globe that don’t have our Constitution to rely on, some of them are in serious trouble these day’s. And in this country, if people aren’t abusing or trying to manipulate and ratify our Constitution; they are busy ignoring the Constitution in their daily lives.
Not only is ignoring the Constitution stupid, but it’s being selfish and lazy; the totally stupid part, is what’s the American life is going to be like when the Constitution is totally disassembled and torn apart by the progressive movement. Now that is something to be afraid of, at that point, some of the followers of the progressive / liberal movement will see and detest what they have done in their blind following; live sighted blind, then starve sighted blind. It will be too late then to protect your rights. That’s the beauty of the Constitution, if that’s what you want to do, then knock yourself stupid doing it, just don’t impose such stupidity on someone else’s life.
In reflection of life, at times I feel like I live on a bridge, every day waking up seeing all the debris of societal and political dysfunction floating down the water below me; knowing that sooner or later, that debris is going to jam up the river. All the while, people keep walking past, but somehow I know; I’m not the only one that see’s what’s going on.
But that feeling is why I question what I see, and write about what I see; never have owned a pair of rose colored glasses, not about to buy a pair now. But taking note of what I see, removes any fear of the future, because I can have sense of where things are headed; less the thought of being blindsided. Sad to say, I just can’t feel bad for those that wish to stay ignorant in the life they live.
Today, all of what is dysfunctional actions in this town, city, county, and country; will come to roost at your doorstep, or your neighbors doorstep. You cannot run and hide from it, it will be there tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow; so people had better wake up now.
A friend allowed a guy that is twenty-five years old to stay in his spare room, just to help the guy out. My friend has been through enough ups and downs in his life, so he is a little too warm hearted at times, and he can’t handle some of the harsher parts of life.
He had told me about the guy, that he wanted him gone, then tell him to leave, if you want, I will be there.
A little bit about the guy: Twenty-five, been through rehab twice and told to leave, still does drugs, not just a little pot, but the drugs that needs needles. Has nothing but the clothes on his back, and a short handled sledge hammer that he calls his “Niger Beater.”
I was at the home of my friend, due to a call from my friend, when the guy came back after being told to leave a day and a half before, he just walked in like he owned the house; hammer in hand, and he was loaded.
I was told about the hammer, so as soon as I could I got my hands on the hammer, and the umbrella that he had. His attention was on the mound of his belongings in the middle of the floor; he was weaponless now.
It was time for real talk now, and he got it, he was told to leave; take his stuff and leave, Now! Well, he wanted and asked for something to eat, he got a real answer, No!
Oh, if anyone thinks I want to deal with drug addicts early in the morning, or anytime for that matter, their as crazy as this moron.
He bundled up as much as he could in a blanket, then he started taking backpacks out of backpacks, one after the other; thieves do that so that they can haul more goods, he knows because thats how he gets the money to buy his drugs.
He was told that the police were called, and that he should get his stuff going and leave, he argued with me because I wouldn’t give him his hammer back. First of all, I hate the word “Niger” a lot, and to couple that word with the word Beater, well; that hammer becomes a weapon. I don’t have a problem with hammers, but this was a weapon, and a bigoted weapon at that; he didn’t get the weapon back.
So now he is gone, three hours of my day is gone, my friend is cleaning his house and calming his nerves; me, I went and got a latte.
But after what I got from the police when I called them on their non emergency number, they said that they don’t deal with those things, even though there was drugs and drug induction products found in the room the guy was staying in; and that’s not forgetting the hammer. The policeman, or whomever answered the phone said, just get the guy out of the home and move on with life. I was polite and told the person on the other end of the line, it’ll be dealt with, so don’t worry.
So there you go, but if any person comes to my home today, with a liberal bend of molly coddling these fools that piss their life away with drugs, well they had better look for another house to visit; because my dance card is used up.
No one out there in the world, or out there that’s reading this, no one can escape what this society has built, in every aspect of society, it’s services from local, state, and national governments, to the common person on the street, we can’t escape what we as a society has built; and we can’t rely on the protection that we pay for.
So, it’s time to grow up, no matter your age, you can’t live in fear, and people had better start taking the value of life more serious; the odds, don’t know, probably for each person that really puts forth the effort to understand the truth of what society has become, more than likely there’s twenty or thirty that refuse to take the time to learn.

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