All In The Name Of Religion

All in the Name of Religion

All the poor people that just can’t accept a view of life that’s as old as the dirt that they are walking on. But why, because in this modern age, as confused and disillusioned as it is; people just can’t understand that Faith is an integral part of life?
One more time, and I am sure it won’t be the last, but; Faith in God is not a religion, it’s Faith. And, to be honest, I don’t like religion, I get nervous in church with a bunch of people, it’s just not quiet or real enough. But I could sit silent at the altar all day long in an empty church and feel great; as long as no one disrupts the silence.
So all you haters of religion, mindlessly including God in your hatred, well; you really do need to explore the difference between the two. And all you collage grad scientists, doctors of whatever, there will always be the unexplainable side of life; try for once getting over your fine selves, accept the fact that you don’t know everything and never will.
In the nut of it all, it’s not all that hard to understand; my Faith in God is honestly between me and God only, and my roadmap is the Bible. People can’t see that though, they need something tangible to base Faith on, but all the while they put their Faith failingly in mankind, honestly not knowing what the outcome will be. Strange though isn’t it, if all fails in the wrongly placed Faith in mankind; they all place the blame on God.
A ten cent lock on a front door won’t ensure security, and that’s what people do with their belief systems; if your Faith is in mankind, it’s ten cent Faith. So whatever people do, the one thing they shouldn’t do, is to look down on me and my Faith in God; not my God, but everyone’s God.
Ask yourself if you were God, what would you want people to do?
Would you want them at war with each other day after day, year after year?
Would you want children to die needlessly in the hospital, when God gave us the brain to bring forth a cure?
Would you want people to have mass killings in your name?
And if you found a way to send your love to this earth, would you honestly want people to kill the messenger even though it may have been preordained?
Would you want this world to be a den of thieves, scammers, and corrupt godless politicians?
Would you want people to discard the value of life, just because they took five minutes of “romance, or pleasure” on a Friday night for granted?
Since you gave the human being a mind and the ability to use that mind, would you really want people to follow like sheep away from you and your teachings; like the politically correct of this world would have you do?
Would you really kill off a group of people through calamity or disastrous illness because your mad at them?
Would really not want or care if your people trust, or believe in you?
Just for a time, few minutes is all; try to feel what God feels when he looks out at the masses.
See all those thought filled questions smack with the face of mankind and religion, you can run from God, calling Faith a religion, but you would be running from God; not a religion. You can say that you don’t know if you believe, and never question your soul and heart; but hey, you’d be short changing your own self; well, unless you have children, then you will short change them.
Think about this, your doing it in the name of popular culture, a fear of religion, or; in the name of . . . Religion.
What ever you do, remember this, God is not in our lives to punish, he’s in our lives to teach us how to honestly love, and; how to live in the light of all that is good and beautiful. The hippie movement took his words and meanings, then used and abused them; it’s time to give them back to God, and let him put a shine back on them.
No drugs, alcohol, or guru is needed, just read a little bit of the Bible a day; sooner or later, you will figure out; that Faith in God . . . is not religion.

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