Dose Anyone Search for Life’s Eternal Meaning Anymore?

Dose Anyone Search For Life’s Eternal Meaning Anymore?

Measuring the common depth of thought isn’t really all that hard to do these day’s, not really picking on people here, but with the ‘I can’t or could never do that’ attitude that people have these day’s; it’s easy to understand that there is a good deal of intimidation in the most basic things in life. Mostly, we could categorize the intimidation as self-intimidation.
Don’t think that doesn’t include me, I can drive myself stupid trying to nut something out; at that point I walk away from the project, saving the thoughts for later on. Quite often, the answer just comes to me, and often it’s better than my first thoughts.
But in the general public light, where’s the thought patterns leading us today as a society?
While growing up, there were so many people that did so much that today hardly anyone would tackle. What, build a fence, how do ya do that. The best way to do anything, and that’s anything; is to start. That is unless your trying to build a rocket ship.
People back then were handy, they didn’t farm much out, and their weekends always ended with accomplishments. However skill-less, today; everyone wants perfection from their projects, that’s why they shell out the Big Bucks that they can’t afford.
And life, they thought just as deep about life back then, just as they did the other projects that they were working on. That’s because life, learning, action, all those aspects of life meant something to people back then. If little Abigail wanted a doll house resembling the Victorian era, there was a good chance that someone in the neighborhood, if not themselves; could build it, and from the scraps they or someone has in their garage or basement.
People when I was growing up, they weren’t afraid of talking to anyone about life or Anything that has any bearing on the lives they and their families are living, there was no politically correct barriers in conversations about life back then. As far as offending someone back then, people just weren’t as dainty as they are these days; back then, you were Expected Not to be thin skinned.

Good council, where does that come from, it comes from people with experience, knowledge, and wisdom. If that’s true, the world around us is becoming a hard place to find good council in the eternalment of life. After talking to some people, that should have an answer to some question I might have, it don’t take long and I will know that I am asking the wrong person; makes me wanna paint the words ‘Don’t ask me, because I just follow anything that’s easy and popular!’ on their foreheads. It would be an effort to save someone else the aggravation while trying to get some needed answers to questions they may have on life and living.

When it comes to life, or the meaning of life, it seems like in this day of age, that we have so many experts, rich and wisdomless as they may be due to their following rather than living life; those experts are so willing to exploit those seeking knowledge about the eternal side of life, or to gain some balance in their lives; making a thriving living is not a good reason to bilk a person of their limited income.
I heard something the other day, “There are too many Blacks on T.V. and in the movies.” That caught me off guard, glad I wasn’t washing dishes at the time, I would have dropped one or two. But, correct me if I am wrong, but I thought this cournty was so enthralled with the fact that they lived long enough to see a Black President, not a good or bad president, but a Black President; and now there are too many Blacks on the boob-tube and in the movie’s; now to me, that’s stinking thinking. Can’t pass laws against bad thoughts, or stupid words from stupid people.
But in deeper thought, if this country or world wants a more balanced society, such as a peaceful world, then why don’t people act like that’s what they want, rather than stimulating all the tired old B.S. that we have to wade through everyday; like misused or misunderstood greed, aggression and power.
It’s simply insane that so many of the wrongs of today, are wrongs that were curtailed years upon years ago, and now their back in our lives at full tilt; and no one can see society for what it has become. I don’t believe for a second that every human being that makes up society is that stupid or blind; and I don’t believe that the common citizen can’t constructively without liberal fantasies of world peace guesstimate what our future holds.
My thought, dump the history professor at school in the trash heap, get away from the liberal or progressive and politically correct thought patterns, dig up some old history books you can’t find on Kindle or whatever; and start Reading them. If your older, and can still remember what it was all like when you were young, from respect and dignity to freedom; stand up, tell the truth for once about what’s going on today and what society faces in the future. If your young, seek the wisdom of the ages, forget the wisdom of your party buddies, or the fashionably correct; they don’t hold a candle to someone that has lived a long life and survived into old age.

Man oh man, a society filled with wise people, rather than a bunch of following muted citizens; what a way to start the New Year.

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