Are You Ready To Talk About It Yet ?

You Ready to Talk About It Yet? (A New Year’s Resolution)

Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness. Martin Luther king Jr.

The sight of hearing, the hearing of sight; that’s what it all comes down to. When all things around you are upside down, your giving up Hope, anger and depressive thoughts are filling your mind, filtering down to your heart and soul; it’s at that point that you give up, or take a honest look at your life. Then out of nowhere, things start changing, something is happening, in increments, step by step, all that’s upside down; it’s all becoming right, upright and strong.
You take stock in life’s meaning again, but a wise person spoke these words, you remembered the words from what you may have read or had heard in a movie at some point: Sit silent, for it might be God.
Are you ready to talk about it yet?
The voice, a misused tool of most human being’s these day’s, we see and hear so much in our daily lives; but so much gets written off. We go about our lives like cattle, following fads, our own selfishness, our own ignorance of life thinking we are so blissful; rather than earnestly trying to understand true life and All That Surrounds Any Of Us.
The voice has never been meant for the use of false words, the same with the heart and soul. The voice, it was meant for teaching, of wisdom, of skills, of comfort, of consolment in hard times, and joy in the good times.
Are you ready to talk about it yet?
Not sure how many times on this site alone, people have read words that depict the manipulation of our lives, from government to the weather; do people go outside the comfort of their homes and look up or around; I simply can’t say if they do or not. But, this site has in the past year, it has brought so much about life and living to people’s attention; I don’t keep track, but hopefully it gets shared often.
Are you ready to talk about it yet?
I was thinking last night as I lay in bed, if things keep going the way that they are, we may all feel like the farmer that milks his cow’s, sells the milk so he can get by; but can never afford to buy a glass of milk that his cow’s produce.
We have lost sight of the good life, we have gathered the trinkets and status symbols; but we still aren’t happy, maybe because we always want more.
Are you ready to talk about it yet?
The pending election is being talked about, but there’s really only one hard hitting person running for president, not good, seems like none of them are really hitting the nail on the head though; it’s the same old trash, promising of political change. If the runners were a sports team, they, in reality, would never make it to the Big leagues. But, they would play anyway because of thoughtless people and their need to follow what they don’t understand, and play they do; at the cost of all that Americans hold dear if they truly care.
Are you ready to talk about it yet?
I’m not looking for comments, but I am looking for a better future, a stronger country, more involvement and thought from the common citizen. It’s imperative, if people want a life that correlates with the original Constitution. If you don’t want to wake up someday, and see that not only God is removed from your rights of life, but all your hard earned property has been seized by Eminent Domain; eminent, it’s an on off word, it’s the outcome of what we invest our knowledge, our experience, and or wishes for better in that really counts.
Are you ready to talk about it yet?
Make a New Year’s Resolution, to have a serious conversation with those in your lives about life, God, the government and the weather, that is if you or them Are ready to talk about it yet; and if you or them are not ready, then don’t. Just sometime, sit down and try to understand what the outcome, twenty, forty, sixty years down the road will be like for your great grandchildren. One thing is for sure, you sure can’t miss our track record in life, it’s painted on every wall and street corner around any of us, a person would have to be blind or wearing come bottle glasses; not that that would be an excuse, I can still see good enough with my bifocals. Got to thinking, so did Ben Franklin, he could see future truths and calamities just fine.
Are you ready to talk about it yet?
Happy New Year’s to All!

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