I do get baffled at times…..

If someone wrote a book or made a movie on Rajneeshpuram, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, the Rajneeshees (the mindless sheep like followers that wallowed in the “Big Muddy” ranch), and the true mastermind of deadly deception Ma Anand Sheela, today, people in general would call it fiction, or worse; insignificant. A man said that about the political takeover religion state of Antelope Oregon, the religion (not a Faith in God) took over the town and its government, poisoned government officials, wanted to poison the water supply of Dallas Oregon to harm or kill the common citizen’s, the cult had its own armed forces / guards with automatic weapons. Sure, they weren’t lopping off heads, or flying common jets into buildings, but the path is different but the same, and the path the cult took proves the mindset of a godless religion.
How did the followers get that kind of a grip on an eastern Oregon town and the surrounding towns?
The good people did nothing, till it was almost too late, that’s all it took, the good people did nothing. In a nut, that’s how such an atrocious act of terrorism got momentum, the live and let live attitude that makes one think that any pending atrocity won’t last forever so why rock the boat; that’s okay if your going to die tomorrow, but if your going to be on this earth for another forty years, they can be the most grueling forty years of your life.
And now we have terrorist rocking our shores, killing people in mass shootings and bombings, and our obese government is aimless, confused, or both; any similarities? The Rajneeshees and what they did, it was not and never will be fiction. And still the good people on a now bigger scale, are still doing nothing, some portion of society is not even thinking about what’s going on; even a simpleton knows that the knifes edge of truth is even sharper when held next to the throat.
That almost act of war in Oregon was back in the 1980’s, why didn’t we all, ALL Learn from that small Oregon town? The whole fiasco put Antelope Oregon on the national news, no denying that.
Gotta honestly Care to Understand first; so just what’s important these days?
Sure isn’t not wanting to repeat a bad part of history, what’s next, repeating the Holocaust, how about Slavery, Internment Camps again, or maybe, the eradication of the Native Americans for a UFO landingstrip?
Insanity, deadly insanity!!!
But what baffles me the most, is with the so called Christians today, the Peace and Love generation, how did a country that was built on God’s word, centered around the Bible’s scriptures; how did God take the back seat of this out of control bus that we are all riding in? It’s my thought that God was just wrongfully booted out, Wrongfully Booted Out, and for what reason; because some group of thoughtless following sheepish people said that God and the Bible are fiction or fraudulent at best?
Then where do these people get their aggression?
Are the unaware voiceless “innocent” citizens of this country aware that they are aiding the future acts of terrorism due to their silent actionless manners of living?
If they do know what they are doing, then shouldn’t that make them homegrown terrorists also?
Take God out of the equation of life and living, you will have a destruction of life. I’m not saying that from my own beliefs in God and biblical teachings, it’s been proven historically, centuries of history proves that thought true; it also proves true that society with all its well accepted complacency and ignorance is teaching and conforming itself to repeat the ugliness of history.
We have an election year coming up, this election year is one of the most important election years since the Revolutionary War, and we Americans through our own past actions gave this election year it’s extreme importance. Through the last few decades and the presidents therein, we Americans have lost so many freedoms, the governmental end of our cost of living is atrocious at best because we don’t know where the money is going; all because we falsely feel that we can trust those people from the oval office down.
Through it all, we have a poor economy, untold scams, attacks from foreign countries that have infiltrated our youth, and where have we put the value of God and true Faith in our lives? Somewhere on a trash heap behind a barn in Wasco County Oregon beneath a bunch of rotting used red clothing that the Rajneeshees discarded after the true inhabitants of Wasco County took back what they almost lost at a high price?
Don’t take my word for it, even though I worked for a tractor company back then, supplying field mechanics the parts they needed to get through their jobs, some of those mechanics worked on the Rajneehees machines at first, through that, I got firsthand reports every day, they stopped going to the “Big Muddy” when the guns came out and the armed security wanted to search mechanics field trucks; any similarities yet in the minds of today’s common American citizen?
Like I said, today’s mental climate in this country baffles me, it should be baffling everyone to the point of more conversation, the sharing of knowledge, further understanding, and the right to keep and bear arms, and to a better understanding of the true value of God as he pertains to this country and it’s people.

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