The Twenty Year Life Plan

A letter to my unborn Grandchild…
At this time, you are unaware of who I am, I am your grandfather, you are more aware of the love of your mother, your fetal development and survival in the warmth of your mother’s love. For now your awareness of your life is being formed, the feelings in your nerves, the beating of your tiny little heart, the pulsation of blood and nourishment that you receive from your mother’s intake; however altered for your very own personal health.
Nine months of your life will be in the womb of your mother, my daughter, God’s love, God’s creation, so impactingly beautiful at times, no matter how lofty or high-minded mankind may set himself or herself in thought and action, mankind will never be able to create the experience you are so much a part of on his or her own. So intricately woven the threads of your life so far, your fingers, your toes, your eyes, your ears; and when born your mouth that will allow your beautiful voice to be heard.
You are a gift from heaven, given to two deserving souls, souls that will always be connected to your very personal soul; you, your mother and father are connected no matter what life may throw your way. And life will throw things your way.
When you leave the womb and enter this world, what you will see at that instant won’t stay with you long, nothing to fear or understand on your part, the room, the doctors and nurses, they will fade away quickly in your then short life, and if by chance, you are like your mother and aunt, as they were born premature; you will stay in the warmth of caring hands till you can go home with your mother and father, but you will always reside in their love.
Once home, you will sense, feel, see, hear so much. You will find the joy of rolling around, standing, falling, and in time walking. You will be the joy of everyone that sees you, they will laugh with you, cry with you, they will hold you, and they may even feed you till you have the means to feed yourself.
You will learn so much, your life is an open canvas just waiting for you, your mind, and your heart to start painting your life’s picture; but be true to your soul, with reverence, guidance and respect, it’s your soul that guides you throughout your life.
Some say that you can’t pick your parents, it’s out of our hands, but like your mother is to me, you’re a gift from heaven to this earth. “Your the place is where heaven and earth collide, go live as if that’s true…” Show this world how to honestly love, how true forgiveness helps to make you stronger while you grow in the goodness your soul so richly encompasses; all the while be you, never forgetting where you came from.
Follow no one, watch and learn from everyone, discern the good from the bad, keeping only the good in your life. That goodness you hold onto will feed your beautifully formed soul, carry you through harsh times, and be your pillow when you rest your head at night. Look not for gifts, trinkets, or the toys of mankind, life is so much deeper a gift than those things; the gift of life, all that you carry inside that makes you smile can never be removed, but the trinkets; they will someday be forgotten.
Be slow to anger, but protect your heart and soul, they are your life blood; defend and nurture both. Live with respect and dignity, even if no one sees those attributes in you. Don’t be afraid to look at yourself, honestly assessing and changing yourself for the better; it’s up to you for no one can do that for you, my Grandchild, don’t let others sway you from the good that fills your every part of your being.
Look down on no one, but be honest with all that you see, favouring understanding, before speaking and ridiculing words leave your lips. Control no one, less you yourself want to be controlled. Be confident in yourself, your knowledge, your creativity, be the caretaker of your mind, learn, learn, learn. Even the smallest amount of knowledge learned is more than you had five minutes prior to anytime in your life. Be patient with other’s, they like you began with nothing more than a breath, knowledge never makes you better than someone else; it only makes you smarter in certain areas, just be sure in all your knowledge to have an equal understanding of life.
Be the true friend, don’t wade in shallowness, this world is overrun with shallow people, give little credence to the insincere people of this world; while cherishing those that truly know and care about you.
Oh my Grandchild, there is so much for you to learn, but you have a lifetime to explore the portrait of your life, make the portrait of your life something to cherish in your older years, while sharing the making of your portrait in your younger years.
Be cordial, be honest with those that you meet, do not be overbearing with those that you meet as your presence is no better or worse than anyone else’s; if anyone shy’s away from you, shows distrust in you, looks down on you; know well it’s their own inadequacies that you are seeing before you. Be prepared to walk away, don’t be angry, simply leave others to their own lives, never losing who you are just to fit in, you’re God’s creation, so many people these days are too willing to destroy the goodness of themselves and of others; protect the beautiful person that you are, only you can do so.
Know the value of love in life, people use the words I love you like a tool for personal gain, learn to avoid those people. While there are many loves in life, such as friends and family, material objects, their is truly one love you will end up seeking; that is for the one person you will want to grow old with, that person you will want to share your soul with. No matter what happens in your lives together, it will be in your love that you will understand the presence of unconditional love and the ties that bind and make two loves become one. It’s in your love that you will understand commitment is a two way path that is always shared equally, in time you will understand that path will lead you back to heavens gate. Never take love lightly, never give love away freely; in that, be honest with the love you give, it’s heavens gift, protect it, nurture it; know that the words I love you are only meant to be said with honesty and with integrity.
Lastly, know that your life, like any person’s life, is forever and always will be, worth more than money or material objects; as time goes by, that is the one truth about life that you will understand fully in the end.
I don’t know you yet, but I love you, I honestly hope and pray that the world you grow in is beautiful, I wish I could secure that hope for you but no one including me can do that. So go peacefully into this world, you are a gift from heaven, know who you are, protect and nurture your heart, your soul, and your mind; know that you are one of a kind, be that peaceful beacon for all to emulate.
Your Grandpa

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