God Winks

God Winks or Cowinkydinks or Coincidence?

Those feelings like Deja Vu, everyone gets them, often times ignored; but everyone gets them. They are soulful (just above the stomach, by the lowest rib) feelings at times, at other times, they present themselves in the mind, not like a regular thought, rather something deeper and more profound as if the thought is a part of your history or future.
This is not to be confused with any kind of Guru 1960’s Hippie balderdash, mainly due to the fact that everyone gets Deja Vu’s, the confirmation of the fact is that not everyone followed the Hippie movement as they had better things to do in life than to live life in a drug induced fog.
The meaning of life has never been found in an induced state, hallucinatory state of mind that is; life’s meaning has always been earned from the living of life with a clear and sober mind. It is proven by the mental capacity of many people in today’s society, just look at what society accepts and never questions. Look at what society knows of life, and what they turn their backs on that pertains to a more content meaning of life.
Delving deeper into our personal souls, without the aid of drugs or outside help is not that scary, the Deja Vu moments never come with pain; if anyone feels they do, then the person should stop watching today’s view of quality entertainment that is always dark and godless – the depth of life is rarely reflected in box office receipts.
Just before Christmas, out of the blue, the mans phone rings, it was the man’s cousin.The man told his cousin that he was just thinking about her, he had found some family papers. They talked about the papers, the mans cousin called the connection a God Wink, after talking for a while on the phone, the two of them hung up and went on with their perspective days in their different parts of the country; over a thousand miles away from each other.

A few days later, a Christmas card from the man’s cousin came in the mail, the man opened the envelope pulling out the card that was tucked neatly inside. To the man’s surprise, there was a God Wink of a most beautiful kind; the name Virginia City was very prominent.
Some years prior, the man along with his Beautiful Lady and their dog J.J. went to Virginia City for a visit, one of the many drives that they would take that would start out in the wee morning hours by just following their hearts as a map.
Walking the main street of Virgina City, the Lady went into a store while the man waited contently outside with J.J., the lady running the store came to the door telling the man that he and the man’s dog were welcome in the store.
The man entered the store, when the man stopped, J.J. would lay at his feet, a customer states: Such a good dog! He is a gentleman of a dog the man replied. The man’s Beautiful Lady, she walked over to him, she was wearing a hat that she had found, in the man’s eye’s she was vision in that hat; he wasted not a second in telling her so. The three of them visited the old church and the old Pioneer cemetery, making a day out of visiting a historic yet very small town, before heading home.
The man thought for a moment, he had been to Virginia City before that, he remembered his children watching a gunfight that was staged for tourists, looking at the old mines, and walking along the old wooden sidewalks.
Memories, kept beautifully neat in the soul, they are there for a reason; to give a person peace in the treasured moments of life, even if the good moments come with a tear or many tears. Keep the good memories, build on them, because the bad memories always carry confusion, they can only lead a person to depression.
The man looked at the back of the card his cousin had sent, reading the caption about his cousins family travels, their camping, the state’s and the town’s visited. God Winks!

A few years prior, the man had broken his leg, severely, the healing took some time to complete. One weekend, the three of them went for another drive, this time it was down the coast with a stop at Pismo beach, the man unable to drive was simply along for the ride; something he never minded as long drives were always comforted by the love and the company within the car.
They drove down to the beach, paid for the access and took off down the beach. An old surfer, the man was happiest when near the ocean, his years of surfing never left his blood; the man’s Beautiful Lady knew that was a reality of something that is worthwhile and confirming to life, she knew the beach and waves were a part of the man’s DNA.
With the man’s broken leg, she also knew that trudging through the soft sand was too difficult for him. When the man asked why, to him any turnout on the road would have sufficed. A moment passed, then her reply, you need to be able to walk on the beach, she took their dogs lead and the man’s arm and headed down the packed sand together.
Love came to Pismo beach that day, and left many footprints in the sand, two sets of human and one set of their fury companion. Few people see the whole picture these days, but on the packed sand of any beach, Oceanside, Rincon, or even Oregon’s Arizona beach; the footprints of love can be seen if a person’s eye’s and heart are open to the experience.
Reading a little further on the back of his cousins Christmas card, the man took a pause, the name Tahoe appeared, another God Wink.
One night, they couldn’t sleep, they were comfortable, they just couldn’t sleep. They loaded the things they would need for a drive, the cooler, snacks, warm clothes; and their K-9 companion; then they struck out for I-80.
The three of them drove east towards Truckee, a small town in the mountains north of Lake Tahoe. Deciding along the way to see Lake Tahoe first, they left I-80, taking a back road into the area, they drove south to Zephyr Cove to a restaurant that sits on the shore of the beautiful blue lake.
They pulled into the restaurant area parking their car, the sun was just awakened, the mountain air cool and crisp. They went inside asking if they could get two hot chocolates and a large side of fries to go, knowing it was breakfast time, the fries may have been out of the question; they soon found out the fries were available. The lady behind the counter brought the hot chocolates and fries to the counter, paid and ready, the man and his Beautiful Lady left for the car.
They drove to a peaceful part of the shore, parking their car, the man attached the lead to their dog while getting a blanket from the back of the car. They walked to a spot on the shore and laid the blanket down, the three of them got comfortable while watching the sunrise reflect off the water. The smells of the pines, even the smells of the dirt and rocks were encompassing, almost deafening to the thoughts of the world. All that resided in their world was, the three of them, their love; and the thought that they wished they could share the moment with the man’s daughter’s. The time spent there on the blanket was not simply a state of mind read from a book, the reason was given life because two people happened to fall in love.
Years earlier, the man had taken his daughters to Zephyr Cove, there was snow on the ground still, the leftovers of winter. The water in the lake still had the cold bite found in the depths of winter’s grasp, the man smiled at the memory, his daughters.
It was the first giant lake they had seen, they rolled their pants legs up and stepped into the water, so cold and frigid. They walked out to their knees, then turned and ran back to shore, laughing, shivering; and then laughing some more.
On the man’s wall, hangs a frame with a feather in it, when the man and his Beautiful Lady sat on the shore that day, they found the feather; now that feather is a gateway to one precious beautiful memory that is forever shared with another.

God Winks, yes, they do happen to all of us, they are a part of the never-ending story of life; they are a part of everyone’s life – young or old, believer or skeptic. Sometimes confusing but never painful.
Everyone has a story in them, that is just the way that it works if you live; the biggest problem is hanging on to the good stuff that we save in our souls, and in our hearts. When we don’t clean the not so happy parts out, we open ourselves up to anger and confusion, anger and confusion only suffocates the good that is around any of us.

All of what you read here is because a Christmas card was sent, and, received; it is very real, not a bit of fiction in its entirety.
With any action taken in life, the two things the action should always have; are humble and non prideful manners.
For the simplest of reasons, the most valuable gifts in life, they don’t come in a wrapped package all tied up in ribbon. Often, the best gifts are already within the heart and the soul, in the form of beautiful memories; brought to life by a Christmas card tucked neatly inside an envelope.

Wishing you all a Merry Merry Christmas.
The Reason for the Season? It’s simple – God Winked……….

Thank you Susie!
Your Cousin

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