I took some time off from writing, had some pertinent things to do. I have enough projects to do in my life, and if I sit back; well, they never get done because ideas aren’t taught to finish themselves.
So, I took a look around and set some priorities. I started redoing my dashboard, both upper and lower, now that included the installation of LED lights, something I have never done. So, I took the dash parts that I had gathered through the years and repainted them; but I did that a little over a year ago. Took my old dash apart, pulled the gauges out, repainted the needles that tell me how fast I am going, how full my tank is, installed the new lighting; and wow!
Then removed the old carpet, thirty plus year old carpet, and installed the new carpet that people said wouldn’t fit my car because it’s not a four door; the carpet looks great. While the seats were out, I dug out some parts and rebuilt them, no more sag in the sit down cushions. I took some time to replace the old automatic shift knob with a new one, they don’t make the original knob anymore, and used knobs are still old, so I put in an aftermarket knob, but it sat up too high; so out came the hacksaw and ruler, all the shifters parts are now two inches shorter, but the shifter looks like it came with the car.
Next comes the door panels, no one makes them, so I started from ground zero, a skill saw and jigsaw, some sanding and filing, some moving of electric switches to the dash for the power windows that I installed five years ago, old style armrests, and some hidden cup holders. Oh yeah, a cut down side trim from an old Volvo Amazon, once outside trim that now resides on the inside, even modified the fasteners so that they would work.
Next on the agenda is the rear deck under the rear window, modified, going to change the angle a little and sink the rear speakers flush with the same carpet that came with the car when new, yes it will be new and exact; just with a more finished look.

A neighbor saw the changes, he asked if I did all that he saw finished, I told him that I did. “Boy, I couldn’t do that!” he said, so I told him that if he could pick his nose without injuring himself, with a little thought and planning, he could have done the same.
Sure get tired of hearing people say that they can’t do anything or something, dang, it’s a learning curve; all of life is a learning curve, what’s so hard to understand? But then a person that is proud of being a suds sucking couch potato shouldn’t expect to learn that much about anything, in reality, such a lifestyle is just simply a sentence to die stupid and lazy.
Being constructive in some form gives a person a degree of self-esteem, something to take some pride in, nothing wrong with that. Being constructive also gives a person thought, they don’t want to lose what they have created, built, upgraded; not for nothing. They don’t want to give what they have created up, they want to hang on to what lay before them, because it’s quality, because it’s theirs; they took nothing and made something that they have set a personal value on, they don’t want to see what they built become folded spindled or mutilated. I wonder, I wonder if that’s the way our Forefathers would feel if they were here today, you know, when they look at the condition of their country, their founding documents, the government; or would they just roll over in their graves while spewing profane passages of words through the grass six feet above them.
At this moment, terrorism and the group’s involved are being investigated in all fifty states of the United States, global warming is nothing more than a feel good agenda for the voter and a money maker for the politicians and the politically correct, the church going for Sunday only Christians say that all lives mater but haven’t got much of a clue what’s happening to the truly struggling and persecuted real Christians on distant lands; well it’s the land of the free right, free to follow or ignore, and avoid learning anything.
Oregon and Washington have been inundated with floods and, a tornado; a tornado? Yes a tornado! In looking at life like what I have done with the car, people have no choice but to do the math.
A weather man did some research on storms in the area, the math is in front of the viewers eyes. Since 2008 there have been 1 – 4 tornadoes reported in the northwest per year, numerous floods and earthquakes. Through it all, it’s what no one talks about that’s missing, the Bush / Obama equation. Since 2008, weather manipulation has skyrocketed, missing monies from the current administration has never been truly clarified; and is no longer in question. But look at the droughts and floods and tornadoes, do the math. Guaranteed, if anyone believes in political correctness and global warming, they will never do the math, but they will have a large lack of understanding of what’s going on around them. One of the most common statements heard in the northwest these days is; this weather is so extreme, I have lived here for twenty years (all their lives for some people that were talked to) and I have never seen any weather this severe. Do the math!
But they will not look up, they will deny what they see, and if anyone speaks out they will be scoffed at and laughed at. So be it, but Trump stated that he wanted to stop Muslims from entering the U.S. till things are understood or better; oh the wrath came his way. Well, then let them in without understanding or somehow vetting, let them live with liberal families until we are all sure of what will happen. San Beradino isn’t proof enough of the public’s understanding of Nazi tactics and history, of war as we are being silently invaded and have been for years; do the math.

There is so much happening in this country, from dastardly political complications that will last clean into our great grandchildren’s lives to the fodder that so many people accept as normal till it hits home; then they cry in their beer while they indulge in a societal pity party. All because they [chose or choose or have been taught to not question their surroundings], do the math.
Life, life in itself is a learning curve, just like all that I have done to my car is a learning curve; life is a learning curve that will lead to a good experience, or a fatal experience. The dumbing down of America started years ago, it doesn’t have to be or stay that way, stop saying “I can’t” and start the learning and understanding; once you believe you can, you will learn, you will understand, what an experience.

Enjoy, I have holes to drill, and sheet metal to cut and bend; ah that learning curve, and I did it myself. More coffee please….

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